Because We are Better than They are!


Nothing quite shows the individualistic nature of a political party more than when a party is divided on an issue. It shows that the party attracts people of various opinions and it is those differing opinions that may be drawing members to the party as well. Contrary to what you have been told the kind of deplorables that would vote for a Donald Trump are a lot more open minded to the opinions of others than they are any P.C. or party dogma. We might not like your opinion and we may even wish to debate your opinion but at the end we need proof. Just because you believe something that doesn’t make it true. You have to prove your ideas to us.

Remember when President Obama started promoting The Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and in Northern Africa how the liberal media and Democrat politicians denounced regime change and nation building? Remember all those hippies in the streets protesting and standing up to their elected politicians? Yeah neither do I. They goose stepped right along with Obama.

Not the same story on the right. Trump bombs the shit out of an airbase in what is left of Syria and we got about half the team condemning it and the other half throwing a party. Hardly a sign of the mindless zombies blindly following the people we are told to be following, as the crazies on the left keep trying to paint us as.

So when we come together on an issue or a political candidate or when we criticize certain news media sources for not doing their jobs properly, it isn’t because someone else is telling us to do it. No one pays us to protest the opposition or try to provoke people into lashing out. Well unless you’re a millennial and then a fart in the wind is going to give you a seizure.

On the left you obey the party line or its followers will destroy you. Or at least try to. They view their former comrades who have apostatized and veered centrist or right in  much the same light as Muslims view the infidels who leave Islam. Leftists are for sale too and any foreign gazillionare can buy them for $1,500 a week and send them out to raise havoc during political rallies, destroy the property of others, and hurt people if they can. Leftists embrace taqiyya happily telling lies to promote whatever agenda is de jour at the moment. And if they are so incapable of convincing others through discourse which they so often are, they are not afraid to use violence.

Oh and by the way “F” your little ones they can scream “FU” all day  if they want to. At the park “FU.” On main street? FU. At the mall “FU”. Nice people those progressive liberals are huh. Today they even resort to throwing raw eggs, pepper spray, and tazers. So full of love and goodness it just makes your heart hurt doesn’t it. Have you ever seen the aftermath of one of their protests and then compare it to one of ours? One group cares about their environment and the other doesn’t and the evidence is plain to see after every rally. We pick up our messes leftists expect someone else to do it.

The point is, conservatives in general and Trump voters in specific are well behaved, hard working, productive members of society who make their own choices for good or bad. The other side reeks of totalitarianism, intolerance, force and corruption.

We are simply better people than they are.



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