Things Were Better When We Had Nothing


When I was a kid we didn’t have shit. No 50″ TV with hundreds of viewing choices. No internet or cell phones. When your parents wanted you they’d yell out a window or blow a whistle. There were 3 TV channels and even if my dad would have let us sit in front of the  boob box there wasn’t anything on. One can only take so much of Green Acres, Petticoat Junction and Gilligan’s Island. Mostly what we got to do as kids was chores. Your room had to be cleaned, your bed had to be properly made, and there was always a garden to dig, leaves to rake, grass to mow or snow to shovel. In the summer months idle hands could find their way to grandpas farm to bail hay. Work first play later. And when you misbehaved you got your ass beat.

When we did play it always had something to do with a ball or a bike. Kick ball, football, baseball, basketball, or laying skid marks with our bikes. If the old man was too tired to try to think up something for you to do around they house it was “go play outside.” The only time I ever spent in my own bedroom was to sleep, change clothes, and be grounded. Talk about bikes, I rode the same bike from the time I was 5 or 6 until I was 14.

It wasn’t as if my parents were broke or something. We went on ski vacations, summer camp, I went to Europe when I was 11 when the 747 first came out. My parents had brand new cars a Mopar station wagon with a hemi and a fastback Mustang with red pony leather interior. They just didn’t spoil their kids. Instead of the mindless play of button pressing and mouse clicking we’d build forts out of fallen limbs in the woods or make tents out of a few sticks and blankets. No store bought tent just a blanket and a couple of sticks. We had to think to play. Real imaginatory thinking with practical real world benefits.

Every once in a while the old man would buy us plastic models. You know the kind that people used to make out of that glue you could sniff and get high from. Yeah I sniffed a lot of glue. The thing is the old man never bough age appropriate model kits for us. Nope these plastic models came with a million different parts that had to be carefully removed from their plastic molds. No pre-painted parts either they were all gray or brown or white or something and if you wanted a nice car or boat or plane you had to paint all the little parts. It often took a long time putting these models together because most of the time you were waiting for glue or paint to dry before you could move on to the next step. Building models also taught you the basics of how things worked. Build a few cars and you don’t have to read the instructions anymore. We’d display our works of art until the glue began to fail and parts started falling off and then we’d either blow them up or burn them to the ground.

We learned a lot of things as kids that kids today don’t learn. No one picked up their dogs poo so you learned to watch where you were going. We didn’t have helmets when we rode our bikes or protective gear when we played with balls so we learned not to knock our heads against pavements and to be careful when playing sports that you didn’t hurt anyone seriously. I’d get into trouble if the old man had to fix my bike (especially tires) so I learned how to fix bicycles. I also read a lot more then than as an adult now because there wasn’t anything else to do.

And yes this childhood is better than the childhoods our kids and grandkids have to suffer through. Today we raise mindless button pushers. Don’t worry studies show that kids learn something from playing video games. Other people end up raising our kids and they spend more time with strangers than family. Our kids are fat because they spend way too much time on their butts. And of course mommy is nothing but a cell phone away. I hate to say it but the graduates of the last couple of generations have been absolute morons.

The easier we make life for our kids the weaker they seem to become. Weak children make weak adults and we see this all the time with social justice warriors, feminists, race baiting, millennials, the victimization frenzy and so many other examples of the results of spoiled rotten moronic kids. It just keeps getting worse too. With each passing year and each new distraction and new button to push our protegee gets a little more fragile and a little dumber. If you think people are stupid now you haven’t seen anything yet. There’s a retard train a comin and it won’t be stopped.

So yeah I long for the past sometimes. I can see where we’re going and I know where we’ve been. I didn’t have shit as a kid and I wish my son had lived the childhood I had. Not because I liked iron on patches to cover the holes on my trousers, but because my childhood gave me advantages as an adult that he will never have.



2 thoughts on “Things Were Better When We Had Nothing

  1. Wow…Those were the days like the song states. Sometimes when I see the big screen TV’s and all the tech stuff, I remember back to the days of listening to Jean Shepard at night on my little 9 volt transistor radio and watching the million dollar movie on channel 9 on the old philco……and when Ed Sullivan was on…..that was a special treat….I am amazed at how society worships their iphones and I rarely see people just get in their cars and drive, but the first thing they do is check their phones. So I refer to the car as the new American phone booth!

    On Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 7:56 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” When I was a kid we didn’t have shit. No 50″ TV with > hundreds of viewing choices. No internet or cell phones. When your parents > wanted you they’d yell out a window or blow a whistle. There were 3 TV > channels and even if my dad would have let us sit in f” >

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