Because They are Better than You


There is a lot to be said about knowing what you are getting yourself into when you choose a profession. A mercenary is under no delusions that there is a much higher likelihood of him getting a bullet in the nut-sack than say a guy who operates carnival rides. Not that the odds of a carney taking a bullet to the groin is nonexistent because even the carney knows that he has a much better change of loosing one of his berries in a gunfight than the guy who runs the flower shop at the mall. The point is that anyone joining the police academy should be well aware of the fact that this job means not just a possible loss of life but that possibility starts from day one in the field.

So why make a big deal because some cop died. Isn’t this what they signed up for? When you can shoot at people you can’t be surprised if they shoot back. Some of the tactics the police use these days makes it pretty clear that at least some of the police view their jobs as warfare. People die in wars. Get over it. Instead we get most of the police force taking a holiday and getting all dressed in their finery so they can demand broader powers of “enforcement” so that something like this will never happen again.


Because a police officers life is worth more than yours and that is every bit as wrong as your life being worth more than theirs. This is America! People are supposed to be equal. They expect men and women to be equal but not celebrities, politicians, government officials ….. and you unwashed masses? That is right you slack-jawed plebeian serf, when you screw up, your life is ruined by “the system” and when a privileged American screws up they get a paid vacation. Don’t you ever think you’re ever going to be equal to your superiors you dirty apes. You’re not getting a 21 gun salute when you die either.


Trust that your overseers know what is best for you. Trust the 6 groups who are allowed to present news to the proletariat. Let the government raise your kids and don’t worry about retirement someone else will see to your needs when the time comes. If you don’t want to work just vote for us and we’ll make sure you have a cell phone and internet. Obey the police. Obey any government official …. and do so joyfully.

This whole idea that somehow you are free and have even the smallest amount of liberty is ludicrous. How many times does the government need to make it clear to you that you are owned property? They can do anything they want to you at any time and there’s fuck-all you can do about it. Period. Does that sound like freedom and liberty to you? Christ in some places in America you can go to jail for collecting rainwater on your own property.

It doesn’t have to be like this. It didn’t have to get this way. But we trust. We don’t talk about politics. We don’t research issues even though we always have the world at our fingertips. We allow this to happen because we are too lazy to put an end to it. In some cases we encouraged it to happen. Make my life easy please.

How many of us would be rotting in prison right now for some of the things Hillary Clinton has clearly done? How many of us would be scratching our names in our cells for crimes celebrities go to posh rehab centers for? What would happen to one of us if we got caught lying to congress?

But this must be what we want or we’d be demanding something else and the boot licking lackeys in Washington would be listening just as much as the local toadies who don’t want to loose their ability to loot fortunes off the system. You’ve always had the power to change this but you never have. You have allowed others to have special privileges you do not have and even against your better instincts you have allowed charlatan’s to convince you of things you knew probably weren’t true just so you could continue to live in the vacuum you created for yourself. Everyone has. And if everyone hasn’t surely the majority have or it wouldn’t continue.

All men are created equal. But if he becomes a captain of industry, an elected official, a government employee, someone from the MSM, or a celebrity he attains royalty status in America and laws may or may not apply to him while they are vigorously applied against we hapless unwashed masses.

It isn’t Black and White or men and women who suffer the most from inequality. It is Lords and Ladies verses serfs and the odds are pretty high that if you’re reading this ……. you’re a serf. And you haven’t been treated to equality in a very long time.



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