Who Killed the Democrat Party?


In the last election the Democrats got a Roadhouse roundhouse like a political party hasn’t seen in America in a very long time. They put all their cards on the table and they got squashed across the board and in almost every state. What is left of the Democrat Party is little more than a wide open door at the asylum. At present Democrats have gone so far on the crazy train they may never come back and the left might have to form their own version of The Tea Party but instead of being called racists they’ll be labeled inherently violent. Which they certainly seem to be.

So what the hell happened to the Democrats? They certainly aren’t your fathers Democrat Party. John F. Kennedy must be rolling in his grave. I think if he were alive today even F.D.R. would be switching to Republican or Libertarian parties. Our founding fathers would be loading their muskets.

What really killed the Democrat Party was special interest groups. Some politicians at least claim not to bow to special interest groups but the Democrats took bowing to special interests to many new levels. If you could make yourself into the right kind of victim the Democrats were your party. They got your back! This narrative was so divisive and poorly thought out that Democrats proved they were incapable of real governance. The public doesn’t want phony magic wands that get tossed aside after an election anymore. They have had enough of that they want results. They want peace and prosperity. All the Democrats had to offer was conflict, violence and poverty.

The Democrat Party is dead. Sure the mainstream media will do all it can to prop up the Democrats and play down the President but most of the big players in these news organizations are related to former Obama staffers so that is to be expected ….. and the American public isn’t so easy to fool anymore.

Fear not patriots there is no chance in hell of Democrats picking up seats anywhere during the midterms, and the general election will be a walk in the park. Democrats killed themselves and they have no one to blame but themselves. And now you know why trying to please special interest groups is so frowned upon.

Because they are the fucking minority dumbass!


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