Amy Schumer, Leather Special Review


Last night like so many other nights I had a difficult time falling asleep and decided to watch a bit of Netflix hoping that might help. I usually watch a couple of episodes of Family Guy as good comedy often makes all the things going on in my head focus on one thing which makes it easier to fall asleep. Instead of my usual routine I saw the Schumer comedy video and thought “How bad could it really be?” and out of morbid curiosity decided to watch it for myself and decide for myself whether it was as bad as the ratings claimed it was (one star).

I mean how how bad could it really be? My sense of humor is twisted and there are several comedians whose politics I find despicable and yet I still find at least some of their jokes funny like Sara Silverman. As a human being Ms. Silverman has much to be desired but I was LMAO when I saw her on her TV show licking her dogs nutsack. Yeah I’m that twisted.

So let’s begin:

First off Amy Schumer is not an attractive woman. She looks as if she is at least 40 pounds overweight so her lack of curves (round is not curves) makes her look like a blob on stage. If Amy was trying to make herself look as bad as she possibly could she did an awesome job. Some people shouldn’t wear leather in public and she is definitely one of them. Not only does she not look good in leather but the outfit she wore was poorly tailored and it kept drawing attention to the only loose spot on the outfit her crotch. To add to the flab fest she had so much blush on that it looked spray painted on her face and her lipstick and blush combo made be wonder if she was color blind.

Schumers routine was simply disgusting and not in a good way. She began her monologue taking about how disgusting her vagina is  from it’s gaping size to her flapping labia to its goat smell on a good day. I can’t believe women in the audience thought any of that was funny. She went on to discuss how much she enjoyed sperm, how lazy she was in bed, shoving her fingers in her anus, puking and diarrhea.

To be fair I only watched a bit more than half the show. I just couldn’t take any more than that so I can’t say none of the show was funny but nothing I saw was remotely funny just disgusting. Between the horrible monologue, her terrible timing, her idiotic whooping and squeaking,  and the nasty image of her overweight frame and poor choice of fashion and juvenile face paint it was a burden to watch as much of her show as I managed to get through.

And I really have to ask Netflix if anyone at corporate actually watched this disaster before they added it to their list. It is mind blowing that they would actually even air the show and then to turn around and completely change their ratings system over this horrid mess makes one suspicious about their motivations and real agenda.

Here’s a clue Netflix, if you wanted some disgusting female comedian on your site you should have gotten Lisa Lampanelli the mudshark from hell. At least she is funny.



2 thoughts on “Amy Schumer, Leather Special Review

  1. I have seen these so called comedians, these self hating women aren’t funny at all and have gone beyond the borders of disgusting trash. I’m no prude but the crap coming out of their mouths is so bad I for one wanted to find out how like you said they even get a booking! Well I had to go back to my years as a young studio drummer in NYC and NJ, when I was in the industry and why I got out. I was at the top as one of the top drummers with the likes of Jim Keltner back in the 70’s. I was able to see what goes on behind the curtain and who is responsible and it is always the same people and here’s the trigger point–it’s always the jews! yeah I know I’m a jew hater, antisemite etc, etc…..but it’s true! The fat ugly cigar smoking jew producer tells everyone whats going to happen, and who gets what, or your out !! So Schumer and the other jew bitch must give one hell of a pipe cleaning to these bastards and thats how they get to where they are. The only thing I will ever agree with Jesse Jackson on is when he called NYC himee town, he was right on. The jews run the country and own the industry. I have conducted my own investigation on how many jew actors there are and was blown away by the numbers per capita and how the first thing they do is change there names so people wont notice that they are jews and wonder how in the hell did they get the role because they’re jews and thats why. I know the truth hurts the American public and we have been so programed by jew propaganda ever since the invention of the camera, that it is hard to observe outside of the box and look into the reality of anything outside the matrix. So when your daughters start acting like these jew bitch idiots you can thank the likes of the Zionist pigs running the industry programing the minds of our young kids and killing their brains!

    On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 7:24 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” Last night like so many other nights I had a difficult > time falling asleep and decided to watch a bit of Netflix hoping that might > help. I usually watch a couple of episodes of Family Guy as good comedy > often makes all the things going on in my head foc” >

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