Trumps Shock Troops


That’s right. Trump is doing just what he said he’d do. And it is a good thing too because America is on the ropes. When Donald Trump took the office of the presidency what he got was a colossal mess but he knew that on the day he announced his candidacy. Change is coming Trump style and it is coming hard and fast against a sea of leftist whimpering and moaning because all they can really do is lay there and take it. That’s it take it you bitches. Beg daddy for more.

But I digress ….

Trump walked into office with a completely broken government. None of the federal governments agencies were particularity competent, the deep state actually believed it ran the show and should, and we were losing our country to hordes of  3rd world opportunists. Changing this mess was and is going to take some radical actions. For decades politicians and federal employees have been looting and pillaging the taxpayers while offering less and less to the people who pay their taxes. Healthcare? Please for most people it is totally useless. A service they can’t employ unless they get hit by a bus and have at least 6K in the bank and the time.

To the leeches and the parasites this feels like shock troops marching through their city streets. For the last few years the less motivated among us have been enjoying strip clubs and 6 packs of malt liquor on the working peoples dime and they are now beginning to realize that the gravy train is coming to the end of its tracks. What is going to happen to your cell phone and your internet? Well they might have to go out and work for these things just like everyone else and it scares them to death. A lot of these snowflakes have never held a full time job.

The there are the “children” in college whose safe spaces are starting to dry up and the scary thought that they might end up being responsible for their own student loans. OMG you mean I have to pay for that spring break I spent in Costa Rico? The beer and weed too? Mommyyyyyyyyy!

And let’s not forget all those nice Americans who have been robbing the system blind making sure they get their “cut” of what Uncle Sam is passing out.

For a long time the leeches and parasites were steering the ship and they all got fat, bloated, and lazy feeding at the troth with no regard to the law abiding hard working guy or gal who gets up every morning at 4am to pay for their “entitlements.” The party is over for them now and suddenly a lot of children are going to have to start behaving like the adults their chronological age claims they are.

So cry for the children. Cry for the huddled masses yearning to breath free. Let your tears fall for the career students, the baby factories, Muslim invaders, the abortion dissembly line,  the tenured teacher, actors, actresses, musicians, sports celebrities …. cry loudly for them all.

And when you’re done crack open a cold one, goose step over to your easy chair, and light up a stogie and thank the Lord all mighty that it’s over.



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