Israel’s Pay Pig


In the shady world of BDSM (kinky leather, chains, and whips stuff) there is a fetish known as financial domination. In this type of fetish the dominant strips the submissive of his/hers cash and in extreme cases everything of value. The submissive in this relationship is called a “pay pig” and the pay pig gets very little from the relationship while the dominant ….. gets a little richer.

Israels relationship with the United States is one of financial domination. And I’m not just talking about the banking system either. Americans pay a Rabbi tax on most of the things they purchase at the grocery store each day not just Hebrew National Hot Dogs but Reynolds Wrap too. Today the White House proposed sending 3.1 billion dollars to Israel.

Wait what? Why are we sending 3.1 billion dollars to Israel? The claim is for their security but has a year ever gone by that our government hasn’t sent their government some greenbacks? We don’t have enough financial problems of our own? Why hasn’t Israel figured out it’s own security by now and learned how to exist within its own means. Is this a loan or a gift? Has Israel given back any of the money it has taken from us to date?

Oooooo but we want to be fleeced. It feels so good to give another country our tax dollars and to do it over and over again. Oh God it hurts so good. And even though this behavior reeks of recognizing a religion we just can’t get enough. Take it from us baby.



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