You’ve Been Lied to All Your Life: Part 3


When it comes to the first half of the 20th century most of what you have been taught simply isn’t true and some of the things you have been taught are only partially true. A perfect example of this is the Third Reich’s habit of tattooing prisoners. Much has been made out of this practice but few have asked why.

Why would the Germans spend the time and effort to tattoo prisoners? Just to humiliate them? I couldn’t have been to easily identify them. If you look at photos from back then you don’t see a lot of skin, or bare arms. Germans are very efficient people so it doesn’t seem likely that they would spend the time and effort it takes to tattoo people without cause.


The Germans did have a reason and a very good reason for tattooing prisoners. It was because people were dying in such large numbers that it was really the only way to identify the dead. No it wasn’t the Germans that were killing them it was the plague. According to several reports an average of 200 people a week were dying in each of Germany’s detention centers from typhus. That is a lot of people. To confound the problem, peoples heads were often shaved as typhus is spread by the kind of lice that your kid got in elementary school as well as ticks and fleas, all insects which like to hide in hair. This would of course have made identification near impossible as victims of typhus were typically emaciated by the time they finally died.

So because of the plague and the number of deaths due to the plague it does seem reasonable to tattoo numbers on prisoners so that they could be identified if they contracted the plague and died from it. Did anyone ever tell you about the typhus plague in school when you were learning about the world wars? I bet they didn’t. Why would they omit something that killed millions across Europe? Unless ….. they were attempting to exaggerate the tattooing to demonize an entire people. And if they tried to make something sinister out of something like this, what else were they twisting to fit a sinister narrative.

Stay tuned to this bat channel to find out.



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