Why Immigration Should End Permanently.


What if you started inviting people to come live in your home. It’s your house but you like people and you have a huge house so you start inviting people to fill in a application for consideration. There is much for you to tend to in the house but you have servants taking care of all the menial duties. As your house begins to fill with people maybe a few people manage to sneak in who you didn’t approve of. Maybe in time your children will begin to resent the people you invited to live in the house because maybe the kids see them starting to take over as if the house belonged to them and not you. And maybe someday soon it will because you never saw it coming.

The real problem with immigration is that it harms 2 countries the one the immigrant is leaving and the one who is taking the immigrant in. Leaving are their best and brightest, people that country needs to make it better and steer it towards economic success. Allowing skilled labor into your country exposes your country’s weaknesses. If your doctor is from some Punjab country (and he often is) what the hell is wrong with American medical colleges and why are they not putting out enough doctors? If we are low on doctors where is the public service announcements promoting medicine as a career and why aren’t our primary schools incapable of preparing any student for such a career? Or technology or any other industry out there.


Then there’s the we need people to do manual labor nonsense. I’ve know a lot of smart people in my life who enjoyed doing manual labor. In America the home building industry has just about been taken over by migrants. When I worked construction I never saw a time when Americans didn’t want those jobs. House cleaning? I’ve known many women who tried to start their own business in that industry only to be priced out of that market by illegals. Is sweeping or shoveling not good enough for you? And here’s the thing these people may someday become a tad less illegal and will lose their jobs to the newly arrived “migrants” who’ll work for a lot less and if that process continues ….. well now you know why so many Hispanics voted for Trump.

And wouldn’t it be a shame if companies would have to start offering scholarships for trades training or college for the jobs they needed filled? Wouldn’t cost taxpayers a dime. It isn’t as if there aren’t 90 million people without jobs in America and a snowflake generation that doesn’t really qualify for any job.

You can bet that India and Pakistan can use doctors. Mexico and Haiti can use manual labor. Why are we encouraging these people to abandon their own nations to take jobs and opportunities away from Americans?  You can bet that if companies had to rely on Americans for workers the countries level of education would zoom up in no time and perhaps finally we could address Americas 3rd world public school system.

Oh their countries are a mess? Well so isn’t ours right now and when we get done fixing the mess we don’t want to invite others here to mess it up some more for us. If you’re country is a mess do something about it. Running away is the act of a coward and we have enough of them thank you very much.

So it all boils down to this, immigration doesn’t help anyone. You wanna help someone in another country go to them and help them. That is real help not convincing them to run away with you.


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