The Genocide & Enslavement of White People


I used to think that the K.K.K. and NeoNazis were a bit on the fruit loop side but I’m just not so sure about that anymore. Since back in the 60’s when I was a kid I’ve been hearing about this bizarre White genocide conspiracy  and of course then there was Charlie Manson talking about a race was in 1969 so I have to say at this point that these weirdos were absolutely right. Just look at the evidence.


In all traditionally White nations, Whites are being displaced by a barbaric hodgepodge of Brown people whose goal, clearly stated by these “refugees” is to dominate the world. Not only are Whites expected to allow this, they are also expected to surrender their heritage, culture and identity under the false flag of multiculturalism. In comparison in South Africa political leaders are openly promoting the murder of Whites and their leaders want to strip Whites of their owned lands without compensation. As the frosting on the cake Whites are to surrender their fortunes and pay whatever it costs in taxes and any other means to make life easy for their invaders who show their appreciation by raping and murdering their women and children.

Is this not genocide? Is this not enslavement? What crime have Whites committed in the world other than make it a better place for everyone?

The truth is that unless White people snap out of it and realize what is being done to them very very soon their extinction is practically guaranteed. It is already much too late for Europe. Europe would need to begin mass deportations immediately to stop their eventual demise and the EU has much too firm a grip on most of the European nations to allow that. And make no mistake European leaders will not put an end to Europes destruction until they are meant with severe violence from the indigenous peoples and even than may just resort to mowing citizens down in the streets.

America is the worlds last resort in this regard. It was born as a White nation, it is still a White nation, and for the world it needs to remain a White nation. Name one successful country run by Blacks or Hispanics …. just one. Without a doubt human rights, God given rights, and just plain decency towards the plebeians would disappear from the face of the earth if America was allowed to become another failed Hispanic or Black nation. And if this isn’t so then why can’t these people make their own countries like America?

Whites have led the world in progress, culture and justice and without them these things would likely die. Give up on them and you give up on human kind.



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