America’s Greatest President Ever!


Donald J. Trump wants to be the greatest president who ever lived. That’s one hell of a goal. Some people shoot for the moon. President Trump wants to knock one out of the solar system. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if everyone had the same attitude about their jobs. Trump doesn’t need to work this hard for you. He could do what both Dubya and Barry did which was completely check out for the first 6 months while golfing and partying. There is no doubt that this guy is a very hands on hard worker. I bet he’d be the same way no matter what job he was given to do too.

When it comes to becoming the greatest president of all time I have some bad news for you Mr. President. Now it is sadly true that the bar to achieving this goal is painfully low. But there is President Washington to consider. He is after all the Father of our country and he did risk his life on the battlefield committing treason against the British Crown which held a sentence of being drawn and quartered to create a free nation when a world had known not a one. But sadly Father spawned a presidential lineage of self serving corrupt narcissists that more often than not did more damage to the republic than before they began their reigns of terror.

So the bar is very low except for the last hurtle.

But you wanna hear something that sounds bat shit insane? I think he will be. The truth is in almost 2 years no one has been able to stop this guy and most of that was when he was still just a normal citizen and had no power. He’s got a bit more power now so I think our fine president cannot be stopped by anyone. Think about what he has accomplished in just his first 6 weeks and that is with just about the entirety of Washington and the Media stalking him like a sexually active 16 year old girl. The bottom line here is that Donald Trump is proving what everyone else used to mock him for. Yes Trump is a genius and yes the people in Washington and the Media should be riding the short bus to a school out in the country.

Some people sincerely believe that President Trump has already achieved his goal of becoming the best president who ever lived. First of all, and you have to wonder why no one in government ever has, Trump is going after the worst people on the planet namely pedophiles. No more hiding behind filthy rags like Salon and The Huffington Post trying to make having sex with children seem natural and normal. Trump is clearly a man of god and no matter how rich or influential you are, you have to be feeling the shadow encroaching around you if you’re being a monster with children.

commander trump

Perhaps his most important role as both candidate and president has been and is to expose corruption within our government, other Western governments and media in America and around the world. The impact of Trumps influence in exposing the worst of America cannot be overstated. Who ever thought a day would come when people stopped watching sports and shopping long enough to pay any attention to what their country was all about. Remember back before Trump when you had a childs eye view of the news media and our CIA, FBI, elected officials and President. Now we know presidents abuse their authority to spy on political opponents, the CIA is running some kind of shadow government, CNN is about as much of a legitimate news source as is The National Enquirer and most of the people we ever vote for don’t really give a fuck about us or anything we think or want. 

That’s ….. that’s ………. that’s pretty kewl man.

So maybe President Trump is already the greatest American president who ever lived. Frankly given all the obstacles he has overcome, all the wrongs he is addressing meaningfully, and what he has accomplished in his short time in office I’m leaning into the he’s already the greatest camp. But whether he is or whether he isn’t you can’t stump the Trump and you sure as hell can’t stop him. This might very well be the best 8 years ever!




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