You’ve Been Lied to Your Whole Life: Part 2


Ever since I can remember I have been taught that burning books is very bad. There is something about a book. A real book not some cheap paperback you can pick up at a grocery store. The older the book the better. There is something about the written word and being able to touch it and keep it safe from harm. People treasure, collect and pass on books important to their lives. Little wonder they are so revered. So when we hear about people burning books even to save themselves from freezing to death, they hesitate to commit the act and we want there to be another alternative.

But we don’t feel that way about all of the written word do we? No one would bat an eye if there was a stack of outdated chemistry books. How many of you wanted to burn your algebra texts? You think anyone would make any attempt to stop you? How about porn can we burn that? I personally want to burn as many Korans as I can get my hands on. Oh happy day.

Of course no one would be joyously dancing in the streets if someone put a match to any of Shakespeare’s works or even those of Chaucer. But somewhere between the Bible and porn is some invisible line that governs which books are socially acceptable to lay to waste with fire and which books will get you a bullet to the head for smoking a cigarette too close to one.

You’ve probably heard the stories about how Hitler’s brown shirts collected books from around Berlin, piled them up and built book bonfires laying literary works to waste. Have you ever wondered what kinds of books were being burnt? Did the brown shirts take all the books from everyone? Well that seems a bit unlikely. To hear the way some describe it they must have been burning bibles but no they weren’t doing that either.


What few people who are alive today know, and what the powers that be surely never want you to know is that the brown shirts were targeting 2 different kinds of literature communist propaganda and porn. Why don’t you know this? Why is communism and pornography defended by governments and the press?  Well apparently not much has changed because it sure seems like it is still going on today.

You see after WWI Germany fell into extreme poverty and artists from around the world descended upon Berlin bringing their open minds and perversions with them. Berlin became the Sodom of Europe with a not limits philosophy; BDSM, pedophilia, bestiality, incest, it was all there right out in the open like San Francisco but even worse. The burning of the porn and communist propaganda was a signal to the far left that their days of debauchery was over. Seems pretty reasonable and mild considering what these outsiders had done to one of Europe’s greatest cities.

Oh but it is just a little lie to omit what kinds of books were being targeted for death by fire. Unless of course you are using such an omission to ostracize an entire people. Then it becomes the kind of big evil lie that justice cannot tolerate.



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