Slavery: The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Blacks


Have you ever wondered what life would be like for most Blacks if the rest of the world had left Africa alone? Even today Africa is about as backwards of a continent as one can find in the world. What modernized cities and services Africa does have was pretty much all brought from people who invaded the land not people who were living as if they just recently moved out of caves. Even after several centuries of being exposed to a clearly more advanced civilization, many areas in Africa are still very much the same as they were when the Jews first arrived in Africa and started shipping slaves to the new world for fun and profit. I think it is very likely that African’s who live closer to civilization in Africa such as it is are much better off then when they had to endure real bush survival while fending off wildlife, neighboring tribes or roaming marauders.

What you didn’t know Africa was a dangerous place before the white man came along? Well just so you know it still very much is one of the most dangerous areas to be in the world. Chicago, Illinois has nothing on Africa when it comes to Black on Black violence.

Another great thing slavery did for Blacks was to breed them to be better, stronger and faster than even their masters. In many ways American Blacks are very different from the Blacks you’d find common in Africa. You don’t see many African Blacks in sports the way you do American Blacks especially when it comes to very rough full contact sports. And how many great African singers and musicians do you know? I can see massas thinking right now about that nigger that sang off key. Ain’t gonna breed that one.

You look at the lives Black people have come to enjoy in America and show me another place on earth where Blacks are treated so well. Even Blacks in poverty live thousands of times better that most other Blacks around the world. Blacks have achieved great things living as a minority among Whites that they could have  even dreamt of in their homelands. Some Blacks even recognize how fortunate they are like when Cassius Clay commented after a boxing match in Africa that he was glad his great grandfather got on the boat.

And let us not kid ourselves into believing that Blacks never took White slaves or that Blacks are somehow appalled by slavery they certainly are not. Blacks enjoy slavery as much if not more than anyone else. Case in point, Blacks often idolize pimps. Pimps will tell you themselves that they own a bitch as property and many of the bitches will confirm this. Pimping is slavery and much of pimping has to do with exploiting children. Many of these properties and child properties are Black and yet everyone is pimping their car and dressing pimp and all the cool rappers are pimp. When this American slave owner swaggers down the street he is shown respect by other Blacks. And just to throw a bit more gas on this fire the first person to legally own another person in the United States of America was a Black man from I believe the Sudan named Anthony Johnson. He owned another Black man.


The bottom line in all of this is that slavery gets things done and not always just for the slave owner. Without a doubt the ancestors of Africans who managed to make it to the United States (only 5% of the Black slaves that came to the new world) are much better off today than they would have been if their relatives had failed to get on the boat. Those sacrifices, though clearly unwilling, paved the way that made American Blacks live better and be better than they could have ever hoped to be without it.


So dear Black people, from every White person you blame for your current condition …….. you’re welcome.



One thought on “Slavery: The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Blacks

  1. American schools avoid the truth at all costs to continue the brain washing of our young for the agenda of the elites and the culling of the masses. For about 40 years I have been sending money to help black people in Africa and other countries and receive disgraceful attitudes in return, so I have stopped. I still get the envelopes with the pictures of black babies on the cover and don’t open them but but them in a box along with all the other beggars who want what I worked my balls off all my life to attain. When I see all the blacks here with giant screen tv’s and nice cars, I say let them take care of their own kind ! They hate us whites the same as jews hate Jesus, so I have nothing at all to do with either of them anymore. d.s. >

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