You’ve Been Lied to Your Whole Life: Part One


One of America’s proudest moments in history is World War One. The Kaisers men were tossing babies into the air, catching them on the bayonets of the rifles, and eating them and the war was all Germany’s fault. Of course any student of history will tell you that none of that is true and yet this is what was reported by the mainstream media at the time. In fact even though none of that is true some people still believe parts of it (probably the part of where Germany is to blame). The truth is England and France declared war on Germany and when they were losing badly the Kaiser (basically King/Emperor) offered to stop the war and have everything go back to the way it was before the war after having these countries declare war on his.

The true evil in WWI were the governments of the Allies.

The American people wanted no part of the war in the old country. They were building a nation and wanted things other than dead fathers and sons for their families. To the American people that war over in Europe was best avoided at all costs and yet France and England were either going to accept the Kaisers incredibly generous offer or face the very real possibility of being conquered as both had conquered so many others. That was not the “balance of power” the French and the English had in mind. They also didn’t like the idea of Germans power as Germany had been victorious against the Russians, the French and the English and then were ready to just regally wave their hand and let everything return to normal. The nerve.


Given what you know now, your life experiences, the modern uncovering of betrayal, treason, sedition, pedophilia, treachery and everything else you read plainly in your newspaper and online and watch on television what do you think happened here. Did Germany commit some crime against the United States of America that the entire military might of the USA shipped themselves across the ocean to kill Germans? If so what was it? Everyone and I mean everyone was using mustard gas back them so it couldn’t have been that. Germany didn’t attack the U.S. in fact Germany was trying to come up with some reason to end hostilities it was the English and the French who wanted more.

The crime Germany committed was sinking a boat.

That boat was illegally shipping munitions to England via New York. Once nearing Europe it sailed directly into know hostile waters with no escort and was sunk by a single torpedo from a German submarine (when we talk about submarines of Germany we like to call them U-boats [underwater boats] because it sounds scarier). Aboard that ship about 150 people died. The ship in question was pretending to be a passenger liner while it was transporting illegal munitions and its name was Lusitania.

Happenstance? Really? Or something more sinister? Is it within the realm of possibilities that entities within the government of the United States in cooperation with entities within the British government conspired to sacrifice a small but significant number of people to get America involved in the war in Europe? Perhaps businessmen? Like say the owner(s) of the Lusitania conspired a scheme to get America involved in the war because Americas involvement might produce positive results for those businessmen. And if the media played along and really drove a false flag story home the deal would be done. Do these sound like plausible scenarios to you? I’m pretty good with either one of those explanations.


What I’m not good with is the cock and bull story that was promoted at the time by the mainstream media of a luxury liner being brutally attacked by the blood crazed Germans and innocent civilians eaten by sharks. Whether those civilians knew it or not they were not innocents. Someone had turned them into a floating munitions depot.

This world war, this first world war could have ended peacefully long before it did. But there are entities in this world who crave war. Those who see death and destruction as opportunities to profit. And this is no 21st century phenomenon.  In this instant, barely after the turn of the 20th century we see what appears to be government and business working against the people of every country not just the United States.

World War One changed the world and wrote the first chapter of the 20th century and that chapter paints a very ugly picture of subterfuge and corruption at every level. While the conquering armies (none of which invaded Germany) went home being told they were the best thing since sliced bread and a heroes welcome, the vultures remained to feed on the carcass of a great nation and people.




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