The Complete Idiots Guide to Stupid People!


It isn’t so much what people say or think that makes them stupid it is their actions which make or shatter the true intelligence of a person. A successful life is generally accomplished by planning and even more importantly avoiding the stupid train because have no doubt that train wants all aboard. Most people tend to make mistakes throughout their lives and most people fail to lead successful lives. If you have managed to pull that off good for you. You are one of the few.

Let us pretend that you become an adult when you’re 18 shall we. Oh wait you can’t drink until you’re 21 so then you’re an adult. So how come Jews get to be adults at 13? Muslims at 9.     A.C.A. says 27.

The truth is you start running your own life the moment you can think for yourself and that might be even younger than 9. So every mistake you have made since you were reasonably sentient have been acts of stupidity you failed to avoid. Blame that one on your parents or teachers. “I was scared,” isn’t a defense. “I didn’t know how,” isn’t a defense anymore. Did you know it used to be a pretty good defense. People weren’t always so eager to teach you their craft. They didn’t have YouTube to teach them how to make something out of themselves. In the end you decide whether you’re predator or prey. Life is like that for every species on earth. Except maybe the rabbit. Yeah not so much the rabbit he’s more like scrumptious fast food for everyone.

In fact the minute you were capable of thinking for yourself (you know those times you thought you knew everything) you should have been making and working on implementing a plan be able to finance your own ass in the world and then some. All things come of the fruit of wealth and power and you need to get your share, and maybe someone elses if they don’t want it. Like people who want to live in tiny houses.

How many of you as young men pissed what little money you made on a car, some booze, and a skirt. And you females how many of you hooked up with guys your own age who couldn’t afford a pot to piss in when you were in your prime years and could have been comfortable for the rest of your lives. Guys wouldn’t you rather be 40 with a 20 year old girlfriend. At least then if you end up divorced with children you might have enough money left over for a decent trailer and a 12 year old Caddy. Pop out a couple of kids and we have happy family. Wooooow! Stupid mistakes.

So you owe someone $100,000 for a college education? Are you fucking retarded? I got news for you it is the education you want not the dorm. You didn’t pay for an education you paid for entertainment and in recent years adult daycare. You got off cheap too because the other people who didn’t go to college partially helped finance your near decade of extra childhood. Maybe you shouldn’t have gone to college. The world needs street sweepers too. But you do deserve the bill just for being stupid. Incredibly stupid.

Remember those people who got you 8 hour a day work days and 40 hour work weeks who worked in areas that are no longer quite as vibrant as they once were. One has to wonder whether this was a good idea in the first place. Most people who got somewhere on their own worked 24/7/365 and wished they could have squeezed another week into the year. If you worked 40 hours a week and expected to live a successful life that was just plain stupid. Or how about you do work a 40 hour a week job and then waste your time watching T.V. or something electronic instead of learning a new trade on the side. You know just in case cause you’re in charge of your own life and all that. Fucking stupid.

There is no guarantee of success in this world. If there was there would be no opportunity. Those who could work would eventually be forced to work for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t. We all know how that story must end. Always will, always has. Will it be your family that has to live underground when they have the technology to control us like cattle (yes I know the difference I meant Cattle) just so you can be free?

Commerce and all that supports it makes the world go round. Stop being stupid and figure out a way to get yourself some without going to jail. Take the right actions at the right time. Stop wasting your money and spending money you don’t have. Just fucking stop it already. You know what you do. You spend way too much money on shit that has nothing to do with you making more of it and securing your future.

And finally start being parents to your kids again. You have been raising stupids and you have been doing so by the bus load. Kids don’t need cell phones (until they can successfully hide on behind your back that they are paying for) or video games, or buckets of toys. Get them a violin and make them learn how to play it. Learn it with them together (YouTube) and practice every day for an hour so your kid sees you trying not to be a stupid. Trust me they will be grateful later when it really counts. Teach them the value of learning and remind them that in a few very short years they will be paying for the roof and water and food etc. If they don’t know how much these things cost they won’t fear not being ready …… like they should.

Like most of you I have made many of the mistakes I have mentioned. The point of this near aimless tirade is that this is how you got here wherever here is for you. And the truth is …. you’re not dead yet. Well some of you aren’t anyway and that’s something. But don’t wait until morning act when you’re extra inspired and for many that is around 3 or 4am. Christ I’m loosing steam and it’s already 6:16 am Saturday morning. I got shit to do. Bugger off.



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