The Law Enforcement Trap


Donald Trump has said throughout his campaign and has repeated  as president, that he wants to be a president that enforces the law. Many of his supporters are, at least at this point, cheering him on for saying so. Who can blame them. There is so much lawlessness in the United States right now that it boggles the mind. Illegal aliens, violent leftists, inner city Blacks, and the list goes on and on.

The problem is he really can’t go around enforcing every law in the books. America has too many laws to begin with. Every year thousands of new laws are enacted across the country many of which are unconstitutional and/or violate the spirit and the intent of our founding fathers. We have so many laws now that it has been said that every single “law abiding” citizen violates at least one of these laws every single day. That is right you self righteous pricks you’re a criminal whether you believe it or not.

The police themselves (I refuse to call them “law enforcement” because that is not their role in the legal system) picks and chooses which laws they will administer at any given time. They have to do this or they’d be arresting every citizen they stumbled upon which would lead to a very dangerous situation as all the cops would be at the station filling out paperwork all the time.

There is a trap that the leftists are setting for our new president and it has to do with marijuana. Trump is right when he wants to harshly deal with first tier drugs like cocaine or heroine or meth but if he gets aggressive with marijuana he’s going to step right into the trap they are setting for him.

It is pretty common knowledge that marijuana is a pretty harmless plant that has many benefits besides just getting high. Certainly it is far less dangerous than either alcohol or tobacco and a lot less addictive. Forget about California or Colorado you need look no further than your next door neighbors. Almost every conservative I personally know smokes pot at least occasionally.  Not to mention that I have smoked pot with several police officers during my time on this flying blue ball. In fact a Florida Broward County Judge who was involved in the Anna Nicole Smith case a few years ago got caught smoking pot in a park on his lunch break. The point is millions of Americans smoke pot and live wonderful lives.


There is also the question of why marijuana was demonized in the first place. Remember the movie “Reefer Madness?” If you have never seen it get some weed and watch it and you’ll be laughing your arse off. Marijuana was demonized because hemp was threatening the wood and plastics industries. Thanks big business.

If Trump makes the mistake of going after marijuana he is going to alienate a very large portion of his base and the left is all to aware of this and that is why they are pressing him on it. He may even lose a large enough portion of his base to loose the next election. Trump wants to be one of the great presidents and this is not the path to that end. His best move would be to downgrade marijuana’s standing as a “drug” to the levels of cigarettes and alcohol and leave it up to the states as to how to handle it. But of course lobbyists from the alcohol industry and police unions will fight tooth and nail to stop any such attempt for the same reason marijuana was demonized in the first place.

Leftists will try to make marijuana Trump Achilles heel and force him to enforce federal laws because they know very well how damaging this can be to him. My advice to him would be that if he can’t see himself changing federal laws then he should simply do what police officers usually do and that is simply ignore it. The legacy and political career he would save would be his own.




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