Dear Trump Haters: You’re Going to Die


There is a limit to what people will take. We saw this in post WWI Germany. The same kind of artistic scum who revels in the acts of sexual perversions took over much of Germany and especially Berlin. Artists from all over Europe turned Berlin into  the Sodom and Gomorrah of Europe with prostitution, pedophilia, bestiality, BDSM and other perversions completely consuming the city. What few people seem to know these days is that the books we see in pictures being burned by the DAP were in fact pornography. Communists fresh from the Russian revolution were forming groups all over Germany bringing their filthy totalitarianism and oppression with them disguised as a progressive Utopia. Government officials worked against the will and the good of the people and then one day the silent majority was silent no more.

Is this what you really want? Because you are setting the groundwork for history to repeat itself with a vengeance. Conservatives may be as slow to act as the German people were but like the Germans there is only so much they are going to take. And unlike you progressive liberal lunatics we didn’t just now start purchasing firearms. We’ve had them for years and are well versed in using them. Many of us have many more than we could ever use so you can be sure we’ll be passing them out to our less armed friends when or if the time comes.

And you traitors in government and especially in the spy agencies don’t be so foolish as to believe that the military will back you. They won’t and most of them voted for the president and see him rightly as our commander in chief. A very large majority of the people who are now in our nations citizen militias served in the military themselves and know all the tactics  and are more than willing to fight and die for these United States. Those little snowflakes and agitators filling our city streets with their violence and treason aren’t going to survive for a New York second against men and women like these.

It is time for you to stop before it is too late. Not only are you risking your own lives but your risking your country and quite possibly the world. Because once Americas patriotic base decides they have had enough they aren’t going to stop and it will be a blood bath like the world hasn’t seen since our last civil war. Are you willing to destroy the world? This is the real question you need to ask yourself.

From the bottom of my heart I am begging you to get over your butt hurt feelings, get a grip on yourselves and do what is right not what “feels” right. You are in for a very rude awakening if you do not stop very soon. We are armed. We are every bit as dangerous as you think we are and you are poking a sleeping lion. A lion that once awoken is gonna tear everything up in site.

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