What is it like to run The Trump News Network?


lion-logoFirst I’d like to welcome our friends from minds.com who are new to our little circle of deplorables.


Ever wonder what it is like to run TNN? Some of our followers actually think there is a staff and we get paid by someone. The truth is it’s a one man show and no one is paying me anything and yet we’ve managed to become the largest page/group of our kind on Google+ and we grow by about 20 new followers every day.

So let’s being on how may day starts shall we.

I try to begin each day with a space weather report from Suspiciousobservers . This is a very credible YouTube account and it is a good learning experience for those of you who aren’t rocket scientists. After that I have at least 30 online periodicals I review each day looking for stories that are interesting and unlikely to be reported by the dirty mainstream media. I have to do a lot of reading to filter out what I believe to be relevant and accurate and though some have complained about the volume of things I post these are but a small percentage of what I actually have either reviewed or read.

After checking the news sites online it is over to YouTube to see if any of my favorite YouTubers are posting anything I like for the page. Just like when I review the online periodicals I don’t always post everything I watch on YouTube for one reason or another but the percentages I do post are much higher from YouTube because over the years I have acquired several YouTube personalities that I have come to trust.

I’m also always looking for more sources of information so that takes up a bit of my daily time as well.

Next comes comment review. Every time I do this it takes about an hour so I only do this twice a day now (we get tons of comments). Approving comments with a thumbs up, responding to some of them and kicking people out of the group who comments or behaviors piss me the fuck off not to mention approving new members and reviewing some of the information sent to me by followers some of which I post on the page.

Then it is off to Google image search looking for art and memes that express ideas or concerns relative to conservatism, America, world events, our enemies, etc. I also seek out a bit of entertainment here and there just to keep the page from being stale and some of those more entertaining posts are why people come to the page in the first place. And of course every once in a while I write Op-eds for the page.

Sometimes this process repeats itself several times a day on a busy news day but this is basically what I do each day.  Often I get very little if any sleep at all.

Now bear in mind I have created this monster so there is no one else to blame but myself so I’m not complaining. But this is what it takes to create a successful site and I thought some of you might be a little curious as to the process. So there you have it. Thanks for riding along.



5 thoughts on “What is it like to run The Trump News Network?

  1. Awesome! I’m glad you did that and I’m glad that you are dedicating your time to you are loyal Trump supporters I have found it very refreshing being on here and I’m glad you have put up with me so far 🙂 if you want me to call you something other than pops because it’s hard for me to call you Trump or Trump News Network that just sounds weird let me know as long as it’s not no nevermind you wouldn’t do that LOL

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