The Truth About Fake News


As everyone is aware of there has been a lot of talk about fake news. This idea was originally pushed by the mainstream media though they would likely never admit to it. For years now that mainstream media has been steadily loosing ground to citizen journalists and alternative news sources who have quite frankly been doing a much better job at investigative journalism and the reporting of facts. For the sake of argument we’ll call these unconventional sources of information the alt media since just about everything that doesn’t tow the progressive politically correct line has been assigned that moniker.

As we have seen time and time again from every single news source, the extremely opinionated mainstream media has been brazenly pushing the globalist agenda. There is very little deviation from this narrative as just about all of the MSM is owned by only 5 or 6 corporations which are, and you’ll probably find this difficult to accept, run by Jews and like several Hollywood actors some of these Jews have changed their names just like the Hollywood actors in an attempt to cover up their Jewry.

Why is the fact that the mainstream media is controlled by Jews important. Well first this has been the case for over 100 years that Jews who only make up a bit more than 2% of the population, have been in control of Americas major media sources. Second, and this may come as a surprise to some even though it is well documented, the Russian communist revolution was a Jewish revolution and even today there are communes in Israel. Even President Putin of Russia admitted that most of the top command and officers in the early days of Soviet Russia were in fact Jews including the commanders of Russian Gulags.

To understand why Jews push for socialism/communism one has to be familiar with something called the Talmud. Most modern Jews do not follow to Torah or as most Christians understand it as the Old Testament but instead follow the encyclopedia sized Talmud. The Talmud has nothing to do with God and is often referred to as the oral tradition which is basically ideas put forth by Rabbis.

Within the Talmud are passages which would be shocking and appalling to most people. The Mother Mary is described as a whore and Jesus Christ is said to be boiling in feces in hell. It also states that Jews cannot be convicted of most crimes like murder and rape against non Jews, even the rapes of children. In fact the Talmud considers all non Jews to be no better than animals and this “encyclopedia” states in no uncertain terms that non Jews are beasts of burden and are expected to toil and serve their Jewish masters. I worked construction for a bit less than 10 years in my youth and in all that time I only ever met one Jew who worked in the trades and he was the black sheep of his family. You won’t find many Jews involved in manual labor. They believe they are too good for such work and such work is to be done by the goyim.

In a very twisted way they see themselves as the rightful rulers of mankind (the chosen people) and part of the way they control the goyim (non Jews) is through the media. That control is slipping through their fingers as the alt media continues to grow beyond their control. No longer does the populace blindly accept the propaganda being served to them by these half dozen corporations.

The term “fake news” is being used as an excuse to destroy Americas first amendment just as freedom of speech and expression has been destroyed in Europe. To control the people you must control their minds which explains why most Europeans have failed to recognize that their nations are being invaded and conquered and their culture and racial identity will disappear within a few short decades. By the time most Western European nations realize this it will be much too late assuming it isn’t too late already. France has already lost control of its country and Germany isn’t far behind.

If you get involved in a debate with progressive liberals online (I do this often) you will discover very quickly that they will call any evidence presented to them that is contrary to their leftist indoctrination as “fake news.” This is the key to why this term was pushed. You can’t turn these people around or convince them or even get them to listen to you because …. fake news. This solidifies their victim base ensuring their devotion to the “cause.” Promise these victims utopia if only their dogma was the dominate one and you can probably see where this is going without having it spoon fed to you.

Fortunately this push has only had limited success in America because of Donald Trump who has at least to some extent turned the tables on the phrase. Because of that we are now looking at internet social media sites (the largest of which are also run by Jews) to start censoring the content of their users and none are more guilty of this than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google. Over the last several weeks I have noticed a plethora of videos and accounts disappearing on YouTube because of political and social content that isn’t politically correct and this is getting worse with every passing day.

We are rapidly approaching a time that mirrors George Orwell’s prose and too many people are either failing to recognize this or failing to act to stop it. This is the slippery slope of totalitarianism and you should be very afraid. You should be so afraid that you become a constitutional activist.

Silence only encourages the tormentor.




2 thoughts on “The Truth About Fake News

  1. I have been studying about the jews and their quest for world dominance for the past 5 years while going through heart surgery and cancer, and your totally correct in all your writings. They are not to be exposed or questioned in what ever they do or the wrath of kosher will be dropped on you like an atom bomb!! They own America, and we the people ( the little people as they see it) have no say in anything without their approval. Even though I see Trump as the better of the two evils, he also will follow the jew standard or he will be disposed of just like JFK and Lincoln( Abe Springstien his real name! ). It’s like the late George Carlin said it that it’s a big club and we ain’t in it! The jews are our handlers just as the Talmud commanded ! Dat Dude.

    On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 3:56 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” As everyone is aware of there has been a lot of talk > about fake news. This idea was originally pushed by the mainstream media > though they would likely never admit to it. For years now that mainstream > media has been steadily loosing ground to citizen jou” >

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