Thank You Obama, Hillary and Radical Leftists


I was partying with my neighbor the other day and the subject of Trump came up. It wasn’t me who brought it up it was him. He’s your typical liberal, he sponges off the government and his wife is a school teacher. He voted for Obama and then voted for Hillary. What got me was when he said “I fucking hate liberals.” A soft breeze would have knocked me to the ground at that point and there was practically foam coming out of his mouth when he said it.


Now this guy has probably voted for Democrats his entire life (he grew up in a big city) and he is just as angry if not more-so than I am. How could this be? He seemed to think that the Democrats weren’t playing fair and of course he is absolutely positively right. He wasn’t happy with the violence either.

This reminds me of something I said 7 years ago. Seven years ago I was running a very large group on Facebook (before I abandoned that platform due to censorship concerns more than 2 years ago). When Obamacare came out many of the people I knew were outraged and angry at Republicans for not putting a stop to it. Of course no Republicans were in a position to stop the ACA but that didn’t really matter.

As I explained the the people who were in my group, “Just let it kill itself.” The truth was that the ACA was not economically viable and since even at that time I didn’t believe a dam thing that came out of the Obama regime (I love being proven right) my thoughts were that it would eventually implode on its own so let the Democrats own it. Once again I was right and though more people have insurance, the insurance they do have is useless unless they get hit by a bus and for working Americans the costs skyrocketed.

The same is true with what is going on with the left today.

We all know by now that there aren’t any honest informed people on the left. None. And they keep proving that every single day. Of course their biggest worry is that Trump will become a great president so they feel they have to do everything they can to throw him and America under the bus to promote their socialist/communist/open boarders agenda. The thing is, the more they riot, the more they attack Trump, the stronger he becomes and the more of their own followers they lose because some liberals aren’t deaf, dumb or blind (some).

You see for some time the Democrats have been trying to indoctrinate the poor, the illegals, the uneducated, Blacks, Hispanics, feminists, young people and anyone else they can manipulate into believing that historical economic failures are suddenly the way to go. The divide and conquer strategy and violence that have always been cornerstones of the left. The problem is they started believing their own bullshit and now they are literally destroying their own movement and the Democrat party in the process.  Thank God.

The mainstream media is doing the exact same thing (typical leftists). Recent surveys indicate that the majority of Americans trust President Trump a whole lot more than the news media and they are right to think so given how many times in the last several years these people have been caught telling outright lies and being pundits for the Obama regime.

The truth is this entire ideology is disintegrating before our very eyes.

And Obama’s legacy? Man if you wanted the history books to place you on the same page as Joseph Stalin you couldn’t do a better job of it than Obama and his boot licking lackeys are doing right now.

It is just wonderful to watch horrible people destroy themselves.



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