The Timothy McVeigh Dead Horse


How many times do we have to listen to mentally deranged progressive liberals compare Islamic terrorism with Timothy McVeigh and why has no one called them out on it? McVeigh carried out an act of terrorism in 1995. That’s more than 20 years ago! Some of the people reading this weren’t even born yet. Yet this is the excuse libertards use to ignore Muslims attacking Westerners in Europe and the Americas on almost a weekly basis.

Wouldn’t it be great if Muslims only committed acts of terror on civilization once every 20 years? Islamic terrorism wouldn’t even be an issue if that was the case would it. If these rag heads could confine their acts of murder to once every 20 years we could write it off to a lone nutcase but we can’t can we.

Then there is some kid who killed some Black people in a church a couple of years ago. I’m actually surprised that this doesn’t happen a lot more often considering the amount of Black on White crime that has plagued the United States and the level of anti White rhetoric that is streamed through our TVs and internet on a daily basis. I’ve had thoughts of going into the inner cities and mowing down a few BLM and Black Panthers myself.

So what we have are 2 incidences of White terrorism in 20 years. If only Muslims and Blacks were capable of that kind of restraint but clearly neither group is. In fact both groups aren’t even remotely shy about publicly declaring their intent to kill Whites/Westerners.

I swear we will be hearing about McVeigh and that 19 year old kid 100 years from now from the media and the left (ok so they are both the same) 100 years from now as an excuse for thousands of acts of Islamic terrorism every year.

While I’m at it ….. when was the last time the KKK killed anyone?




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