Just Say NO to California


You just can’t make this kind of thing up. Decades of opulent living, thumbing their nose at the federal government, and chasing businesses and sane people out of their hippie haven has turned California into an absolute shit hole. California is doing so badly economically and are so far in debt that they are on the verge of collapse. Suddenly now that they desperately need President Trump they are begging him for a bailout.

I say no way. Not one thin dime.

California has run out of their citizens money and now they want to place their burden on the rest of Americas taxpayers. I will completely stop paying taxes before I let one penny of my money go to bail out these awful people.

What would bailing out California actually do? Would the people of California wise up and realize that they cannot afford sanctuary cites? Will Californians finally realize that inviting invaders into their state comes with serious consequences? Does anyone ever learn anything when their are no real consequences to their actions? Weren’t you pissed when the federal government bailed out failing companies?

California deserves to be broke. They did this to themselves. They ignored the law and economic realities and just did whatever the hell felt good to them like children. Well now it is time these children got a proverbial spanking they so richly deserve. Let them feel the consequences of their acts. We can save their farms without bailing out the rest of the triggered snowflakes who have been living for decades in a make believe world.

And now they want my tax dollars to bail them out? What exactly and I going to get for that? A big fucking nothing that’s what. There should be a price to pay for being stupid assholes and Californians should be forced to pay it. They wanted to secede? Let them.

Fuck California.



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