When Does Food Go Bad?


When I go to the grocery store I always wonder about expiration dates. That’s the last day they can sell it right? What does that mean when it comes to consuming it? Do I have another day or week or month? Dam. I’m sure there is some kinda explanation and I’m also sure no one I know, knows what that explanation is. When I buy a gallon of milk I probably should buy it close to expiration date you know because of starving people in Somalia but since I have no clue what the date really means and I sure as hell don’t trust no corporation to tell me so I buy the newest milk I can. But that is kinda messed up.

My German grandmother always boiled milk. I’m going to assume because it was likely spoiled. Post WWII Germany didn’t have a lot of refrigeration.so how old could milk really be and still be consumable? Did you know they sell milk in boxes in Europe and have for decades? Isn’t cheese rotten milk? Once I was watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmer and they were eating rotten meat with eggs for breakfast somewhere in the Mediterranean. According to the shows host the smell alone was rancid and yet he did not die from eating a full portion of this meal. This was seriously old meat and seemed to taste nasty. Yet this was a staple in whatever hell hole they were filming from.

You know all those fancy french foods? Well if you don’t they often come with a bunch of fancy sauces that will cost you as much as a new suit in some restaurants. Do you know how the French got so good at cooking fancy food? They got good at the culinary arts trying to cover up the smell and taste of old food especially old meats. Little wonder why French cheeses often smell so bad. Perhaps stinky French cheese sinks less than rotten horse flesh.

In the West we throw out food all the time that most of the people in the rest of the world could only imagine enjoying. People around the world survive out of garbage dumps and eat out of garbage cans when they can. And we worry about how much gluten is in our bread and whether GMO’s were used to make our green beans.

We used to know how long foods lasted. Now we have to depend on others to tell us. We have to depend on others to tell us a lot of things lately. Maybe it’s time we relearned a few things like food and cooking. Just sayin.




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