Branding African Americans

A couple of months or so ago I wrote and Op-ed about the difference between Blacks and Asians in America. How one thrived and the other was stagnate even though both truly went through much the same thing in the younger days of America. The more I thought about it the more I came to realize that what set other races apart from the Blacks in America all seemed to boil down to the same thing, identifying one race with a marketable product.

Now it could be said that sports has certainly become a Black centric marketable product at least in many sports but what is lacking in that dynamic is volume. Only a very tiny percentage of Blacks make it in sports compared to Mexican restaurants. In fact what also set Asians apart from Blacks as far as success is concerned was food.

Blacks need some kind of fast food that can be identified as Black centric. Even Muslims have their own food they identify with. Ok sure Blacks are often identified with fried chicken and pork. But these food items are also shared with most southern Whites and are identified with both groups fairly equally. Plus it is racist as fuck.

I think it might be a good idea for some of Americas Black chefs to get together and come up with some cheap foods that will satisfy the pallet of the general public but which they start promoting and establishing only in the Black communities for a while.

Pity the ingredients can’t be chicken, pork and watermelon. Hispanics don’t get all bent out of shape when they are identified with tacos any more that Asians with stir fry. Food is the path of spreading ones culture and exposing others to your people. It builds connections of success amongst people. Could it be that Blacks do worse than other minorities simply because they do not have a fast food they solely identify with? No puzzle is that simple but it would probably be a significant start in the right direction. In time it would put a lot of Blacks to work too.

There might be other avenues too. Chinese are often associated with laundry and Oriental girls in general with manicures and pedicures. Hispanics with yard and  housekeeping. Italians with (coughs) security. Germans beer. Jews with accounting/banking. You get the idea. Blacks need to find their niche in the marketplace.

The problem is this doesn’t seem to be happening. While other races and peoples exploit their ethnicity Blacks completely reject theirs. Economically this is a disaster for them. Ok so their ancestors were slaves so weren’t everyone elses. But even that can be built on with the rise of interest in books and movies like 50 Shades of Gray or The Secretary and the continuing downward spiral of morality in America perhaps Blacks could use their slavery in the BDSM world. BDSM themed bars and restaurants, theme parks and whatever the possibilities are limitless.

Branding. American Blacks need branding and the only branding they seem to be getting now is BLM.



2 thoughts on “Branding African Americans

  1. To ..
    The McCarthy Chronicle.
    You opened a serious conversation with Black America and as a Caribbean Black do you see a difference between us..
    I’d like to have your honest opinion and also for you to stay on this topic to bring some serious clarity and fact able to enghliten the state of madness going on, that is fueling the mind of the clueless activists acting up in front of our children, by young adolescents, millennials and even mature adults who are in the street and on tv shouting inflammatory statements ..and ignoring the consequence that those actions will later have in the life of future political leaders..I believe that America needs to be citizenly born again to survive the division that those ignorant rhetoric are inflicting on our society …
    Starting with slavery can you educate us on the evolution that past civilization had to go thru from Antiquity to our time to eradicate slavery which is still going on in many part of the world.. while Black American think Slavery happened only to them keeping them from getting over it and move on.
    I wonder if black American in general heard of criminal racial discrimination, ethnic cleansing among tribes, brutal genocides among nations…since there is no more academic teaching on world history in America, did our present hip hop and facebook generation learned how the world past civilization of different continents. Culture, tradition and skin colors, healed and moved on to forget past atrocities and cruelty that plagued their life for centuries…
    Our old folks had to ignore the social trend of their era to stress on educating their kids on the importance of a strick academic education and to go forward and in harmony by controlling past anger and social experiences to secure a better future for their black kids …
    Please help us put some awareness and common sense in the mind of the innocent paving the streets for almost a month now and being used to make a point for some multi biillionaires cowardly safe in their mansion and coldly knowing that they are at no risk to be blown up or run over by terorists who never let any good opportunity to use large gathering to spill some blood goes to waste when it can be used to spill blood …like in Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, Germany and France.


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    1. Very well stated. I have written several articles on this subject and will again. Please go through the archives of my Op-eds for more stories on the subject you might enjoy. And don’t be afraid to share this post or anything else you like with your friends 🙂


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