TRUMP really is INSANE!


Can you believe it? Have to been paying attention to what has been going on in your country and in Washington D.C. since Donald J. Trump has been inaugurated as the 45th President to these United States of America. There can be no doubt about it now, Americas President is completely, absolutely, positively, certifiably off his rocker.

I mean who does this guy think he is anyway? Isn’t there supposed to be dinners in Trumps honor with the leaders of foreign countries bowing to the ring of the worlds new leader? Where’s the round of golf with the leaders of Japan (the Japanese worship golf)? And for the love of the National Enquirer where are the celebrity parties? The paparazzi are going to starve. There are traditions in government that must be preserved and Trump is just trampling on them all.

Who would have ever believed that someone could be elected to public office and actually start following up on his campaign promises the moment the guy could get his hands on a pen? That’s just bat shit crazy people …. bat shit crazy. Who told this guy that the people who voted for him actually wanted what they claimed they wanted and knew for themselves what is good for them? Who thinks that way in modern politically correct politics? Did he lose his marbles?

And make no mistake other Americans have also noticed this crazy behavior. They call Trump a madman and clearly they know what they’re talking about. Some have even taken to the streets in open rebellion unable to connect Trumps promises with his actions in a progressive way. Things aren’t really supposed to change. Doing the change is just frightening and especially in such a short time. There just aren’t enough binkys and safe spaces.

Sadly it is much too late now. Change isn’t coming it is here and even putting a bullet in Trumps head isn’t going to change that. In fact if someone did it would only make things crazier with Trump becoming a martyr for decades to come if not for the rest of American history.

So America and the world is lead by a madman who has no appreciation for the finesses of his office and who does or at least tries to do what he promised his voters he would do.



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