Don’t Blame Celebrities!


We have a lot of stupid celebrities in America. I suppose most celebrities are pretty stupid the world over not just here in America. To become a celebrity in the first place means you have to spend a ton of time studying and practicing whatever it is that makes you a celebrity whether that involves playing a cello or bashing someones face in. In fact it could be said that to become a celebrity in anything requires working toward that goal just about 24/7 and even then you may very well not attain celebrity status. Most who try never will. This doesn’t leave much time for anything else which in part explains why celebrity marriages so often fail.

I’ve seen one celebrity in economics in my entire life and that was Milton Friedman.


Yet you give someone a shiny gold trophy and suddenly they think they are celebrities in every discipline. Worse, others are somehow convinced that these celebrities are practically omnipotent and the whole system feeds on itself as stars heads swell and groupies faint in admiration. Yes Virginia some people are just that empty headed. It isn’t as if they are incapable of thinking they just don’t want to. Thinking hurts. Making personal life decisions and being responsible and accountable for those decisions  hurts. Better to live vicariously through a celebrity.

Let’s get real here. A bunch of has beens with a sprinkling of borderline has beens acting as if they know what is going on in the world is a desperate attempt to remain relevant. May Americans no longer recognize most of these so called activist actors and musicians and athletes. Very few top shelf celebrities are willing to put their career out on the line over topics they may only have a modicum of knowledge about. The ones willing to do so are obviously at least for the moment slipping down the ladder of celebrity. If I was a celebrity on the downhill slope I might be tempted to stand up for whatever seems popular myself, no matter how stupid it might sound.


There is not point in being angry at these people. They were never right in the head in the first place. Many make their livings pretending to be what they are not, others allow their bodies to be abused for celebrity, and others abandon any sense of morality to be that shining star. But it’s all a fucking illusion for them and for us.

No one is forcing groupies to follow these people around and hang on every word they have to say. No  one forces anyone to watch the Kardasians or The View or even the evening news. This is all just entertainment and these are all just entertainers. Nothing more.

The King does not take advice from the Jester. If he does, that is on the King not the Jester.


Do you watch movies or listen to music based on the political views of the actors and musicians? If that were the case you’d never watch a movie or listen to a song because everyone one of them involves people who don’t share your political or moral views. The same with music and athletics.

So instead of being angry at them let’s just make fun of them the way we would any tard. Their political opinions don’t mean shit.



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