Damn Moving Truck


Given some of the news regarding Googles various political enterprises throughout the election season I would have thought many if not most of you folks were looking for an alternative. Apparently not. Although TNN at Minds is doing very well most of you are not making the leap and according to some especially our friends overseas who burden under the yoke of censorship it is impossible for them to access a site like Minds which likely hasn’t been assessed by their government yet as low threat.

It sounded like a good idea in my head but as long as Google continues to allow us to post what we please, and to date they have (not a good time to mention they limit our reach at times) we will remain on Google+ . In the mean time TNN will continue to post on Minds.com and we invite you to set up an account there as a back up to this page. When the shit hits the fan it most often does very abruptly and you might not be able to find your way back.



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