Just Shut Your Liberal Pie Holes!


Whatever the Democrats were prior to the election, what they have disintegrated into is something out of World War Ones Russian communist revolution. From people who work in the mainstream news media, to elected officials, to sports celebrities, to musicians and actors the left is supporting the overthrow of Americas lawfully elected government.

At first they all promised to move to Canada if Trump won the elections because obviously these snowflakes don’t much care for Mexico (WTF kinda hell hole is that place anyway?). Of course they didn’t keep that promise because leftists aren’t very good at keeping promises just look at Obamacare or Gitmo. Then after Trump won they all started blubbering like a bunch of spoiled 6 year olds who hadn’t gotten their way in what time and time again has been referred to accurately by the term meltdown. And now they have crawled out of their safe spaces, dried their little baby tears and commenced to doing what socialists and communists have always done namely try to gain absolute political power by force. One idiot actress actually thinks the military will help them overthrow the government. I got news for you bimbo the vast majority of the military voted for Trump and they were all thrilled to hear about Mad Dog being in charge.


If progressive liberals fell apart because of the last election just imagine their meltdown when Trump gets reelected because at this point it doesn’t matter what Trump does as president these crybaby, violent seditionists have guaranteed his reelection. Yes that is right you precious little devils everything you have done ensures Trump gets 8 years in the White House. Thank you.

The best thing the left can do at this point is to shut the hell up and sit down. If they dig their own graves any deeper they are going to end up in China. Everything they have done since the election has been an absolute disaster for their misguided movement and a lot of them are going to walk away from their experiences with arrest records  and perhaps even prison. But of course they won’t stop and will continue being ever more violent until the long arm of the law has to crush them and by the time that happens Americans will be cheering the cops on.

So thanks liberal idiots for proving once again that liberalism is a mental disorder and making sure my man does 8 full years as president.



One thought on “Just Shut Your Liberal Pie Holes!

  1. Thank you Patrick! Look at what happened in Wisconsin 70 percent Republican elected and we turned into a RED state mainly thanks to two years of liberals tearing down Madison… I can’t wait to see the bounce President Trump gets from the unhinged socialist attack that will continue throughout his 8 years as president. Possibly better than we could ever have hoped and prayed for.

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