Fair & Balanced? Not Even Close!


If you thought FOX News represented conservatism you might be a liberal. You’d have to be a liberal to believe that nonsense. The truth is FOX News represents conservatives and our viewpoints about as good as the Commie News Network (CNN) does. If the fact that the owners of FOX support open boarders hasn’t convinced you that FOX doesn’t support conservative values maybe what happened to yesterday will.

I don’t watch a lot of television news anymore in fact I hardly ever do. If I want to be entertained there are hundreds of better choices than sitting through a half hour or an hour of propaganda. We all know they are full of shit and have their own political agendas.

But yesterday it was cold and raining outside and I was bored with the internet so while I was making dinner I thought I’d see what was on the TV news and since most of television news repulses me I though perhaps I could stand to watch the evening news on FOX. That was a mistake.

The first (and only) story I watch is people and various others protesting Trumps executive orders on immigration. After several minutes of watching this garbage all I could think of was “where’s the balance.” Where is the other side of this story FOX? It didn’t come and it was obvious from the camera angles that they were trying to make these protests look bigger than they actually were. Surprise surprise.

Then there were protesters in … OMG Israel. The thing was I never saw any more than 20 people in the frame and I’m not so sure how 20 people protesting in Israel is relevant or even news. Not a word about the Black on White crime wave going on across the country. So I flipped the channel over to CNN out of curiosity and guess what … the exact same footage of Israeli protesters I just saw on FOX. Where is the integrity gone in these news organizations?

The truth is FOX is no better than any of the rest of them and they are all shit.

Like most other nights I won’t be watching TV news tonight. I’d rather watch another episode of Family Guy for the 20th time.



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