Ya Vol Mein Fuhrer Trump


Many on the left (and a handful of scumbags on the right) have made that claim that President Trump and his rise to power starkly resemble that of Adolf Hitler. Most sane people laugh this off but what might surprise you is that they are not wrong.

Adolf Hitler was a very populist candidate when he ran for Chancellor of Germany and well liked among the people. Economic times were not good for Germans at the time and Germany was being infiltrated by Communists much like America is being infiltrated by socialists and communists and to a lessor extent gypsies who were committing all kinds of crimes like illegals sometimes do in America. There is no doubt that there are some similarities here. Unfortunately they may not end here either.

There is somewhat of a consensus especially on the left, that the United States is too powerful a nation especially in relation to other nations around the globe. It should also be noted that the rest of the world has been looting these United States for decades. Socialism would not be possible in Europe if America wasn’t supplying their protection. American tax payers are literally subsidizing their socialism. Money that should be going for their own defense goes for lavish pensions, short work weeks, and extended maturity leave, while Americans bust their arses.

And what about all our corporations shipping your jobs overseas? Foreign countries have gotten fat off Americas wealth, resources, and innovations. Do you think they are going to want to give up on that so easily? Are the open boarders globalists going to give up on sharing Americas wealth with everyone effectively turning Americans into the planets slaves and each year having less to show for it.

Winston Churchill once stated that Germanys biggest crime was not letting the world profit off her under Adolf Hitler and that seems to be the most likely reason both England and France both declared war on Germany after Germany (some might say justly so) invaded an aggressive neighboring country that wasn’t even 50 years old. The theory or perhaps the excuse promoted by the English and the French to go to war was “balance of power” theory.  There is no stronger country than the United States at this time and in Hitlers time there was no stronger country than Germany in Europe.

So what we have here is history repeating itself with a large country that others have taken advantage of for a very long time, deciding it won’t be taken advantage of anymore. A country rediscovering its roots and that is wildly out of proportion militarily with the rest of the world. If history repeats itself other nations of the world will form alliances and try to destroy America.

I’m certainly not saying this outcome is inevitable it isn’t. But perhaps that is the thinking among some intellectuals and perhaps this is why they are so eager to placate our opponents. After all every friend that America has is leeching off of our wealth. Would they still be our friends if they couldn’t anymore? Are you sure?

I confident that history will in fact not repeat itself as it has so many times in the past, but will instead be paved in a new direction buy Americas new President. Donald Trump knows how to get what he wants from Americas “system” and the systems of several other countries he does business with including …. yes China. And unlike Adolf Hitler, Trump is more likely to strike back at Americas enemies quickly and decisively before a situation turns into an Isis. Had Hitler not hesitated he would have easily conquered all of Western Europe but he made the mistake of wanting peace while others wanted only war. I don’t think Trump is that guy. I think if you screw Trump he doesn’t forget that no matter who you think you are.

It is, with a little glance back into time, reasonable to compare Trumps rise to the rise of Adolf Hitler. You could make the very same case for any candidate in any election who surprised the press and the political pundits. And if you do not understand the man who currently resides in the White House then it is reasonable for you to believe that Trumps election could spell the end of the U.S. and perhaps all of Western Civilization. If you don’t know the man.

But if you don’t know President Donald Trump then that is on you. The man has been staring back at you from your television set for decades. He’s been on the cover of every newspaper and magazine since long before he ran for president. If you don’t know President Trump it can only be because you made a real effort to ignore him. So what place do you have in judging the man?

Yeah you can make a comparison with Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler but just remember that when you do you come off as a complete idiot to anyone else who has been paying even a little bit of attention to the last several decades.



2 thoughts on “Ya Vol Mein Fuhrer Trump

  1. After viewing the documentary ” The Greatest Story Never Told ” I have a whole new view of the real Adolf Hitler, and my ex-wife’s mother was a teen ager in Lohr , Germany at the time of the war and backed up everything in the documentary was true ! We have been taught jew propaganda and lies all our life here in the corporation of America. If he were alive today I would follow him also! He was right as even General Patten admitted that we fought on the wrong side! The jews have been running the country and destroying it piece by piece and the evidence is all around us to see if we only get past the deceit of this horrible race of Khazarian Mongols calling themselves jews! d.s.

    On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 1:56 PM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” Many on the left (and a handful of scumbags on the > right) have made that claim that President Trump and his rise to power > starkly resemble that of Adolf Hitler. Most sane people laugh this off but > what might surprise you is that they are not wrong. Ado” >

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