What Happens When CNN Lies?


Have you noticed that CNN has been caught falsifying several stories lately? Well this isn’t the first time CNN has been a little shady with the truth and given their track record it’s a pretty good bet that they will continue to create their narrative instead of reporting. They aren’t alone. There isn’t a single television news source that hasn’t been caught at least once fudging the truth and some like MSNBC are actually little more than political action committees disguised as the press. They all really do seem to be in cahoots. The internet with its gaggle of wanna be investigative reporters isn’t much better either. It’s all bullshit and you have to sift through it all just to get a glimmer of what the truth might be and you’ll have to base that on your own judgement not anyone elses.

But when a big news organization like CNN is dishonest with its viewers, when their “news” is slanted to one side or the other, they do much more than disappoint their sentient viewers they destroy the truth.

Where do you think everyone else is getting their news from?

Much of what we see as news each day is gathered from only a handful of sources and just repeated or quoted. The author writes a flowery or doomsday explanation of what is going on and then quotes his single source in a sentence or so and we are to believe the author because he/she read someone elses report. And everyone does it. They are also all looking for the same thing. Something exciting that will draw people to their channel or web site. That’s what you’ve shown them over and over again you want. Obviously if CNN is reporting a juicy story confirmation is unnecessary right? They are CNN World for Pete’s sake.

When a CNN or an NBC or a FOX tells a lie or even a half truth it gets picked up by thousands instantly to be shared in other TV news sources, newspapers, and online and by the time anyone figures out that the story is complete bullshit it is much too late. If something CNN or any of the others present today is exposed as a hoax or dishonest tomorrow, six months from now a large percentage of the population will swear it is the truth and show you all kinds of references from print media to videos. All of them parroting the original false narrative joined by the conspiracy theorists some of whom are a bit unhinged.

Do you understand what I’m saying here? Their lies become what people believe to be the truth. They downplay their “corrections” as much as they possibly can in the hopes that their timing ensures you’re taking a leak. Think about how harmful this practice has the potential to be.You think CNN and MSNBC don’t know this? What some guy who plays video games all day long is smarter than the executives at CNN? I don’t think so. They know exactly what they are doing and you’re not getting any lube.

People talk about fighting for all kinds of things but few ever talk about fighting for the truth. You know what? I think people are a lot smarter than people give them credit for. I think given the right tools nearly anyone can make the right choices. People make bad choices because of lies. When lies are all you’re ever really exposed to, how can anyone expect you to do the right thing? Look at Europeans. Their press regularly lie to them to promote a leftist agenda that is destroying their culture and heritage in the name of cultural diversity.

What CNN does and what others in that industry do is turn lies into truth. It’s easy. Tell the truth most of the time and play yourself up as a big deal and slip that strategic lie in there that will eventually take root true or not.

And they will keep on getting away with it because we all like watching a train wreck even if it’s staged.



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