Totalitarians – The True Label of the DNC


I think it is time we stopped calling Democrats and their supporters liberals. I think we need to stop calling them progressives or progressive liberals or liberal progressives. Isn’t it about time we called them what they truly are dictated by their behavior? That’s what I think but I’ll let you be the judge. Let me make a case for why we should be calling these people “totalitarians” as opposed to the flowery sounding labels they like to dress themselves up with and then you can make your own decision.

First of all to be totalitarians you have to pretty much be willing to use violence to impose your will upon others. Clearly this is not a problem for the left. Since the “Occupy” movement leftists have been getting away with violent acts on property and persons with little or no recourse. The few ever arrested and prosecuted with any reasonable amount of punishment is minuscule compared to the numbers who have committed prison offenses in the name of protest. I was not aware the The Constitution of the United States of America’s intent was ever to tolerate damage to private property and the inflicting of harm to others as cornerstone of what it means to protest in the name of freedom of expression. Freedom of expression should never be at the expense of others. These are violent acts of sedition and yet the leftist media and the Democrats portray these acts as patriotic and coverup and divert attention away from what these people do.

Speaking about the news media, in general there is a frightening consensus between these 5 or 6 corporations  who own them about what should be made news and what should not be made news. For example every major American news source (yes including FOX News) is in favor of a global open doors policy and especially an open doors policy for the United States. For decades the mainstream media has been promoting the idea that the United States must become a Spanish speaking, and Hispanic populace lead nation. Since even I was a teen. Hardly the spirit of freedom of the press envisioned by the founding fathers. But totalitarians believe in one source of information the state, and the leftist media is always compliant with the state as long as it is run by leftists and the moment it is not they suddenly turn into investigative journalists …. or flat out lie to their audiences who, if they be totalitarians eat from the masters plate like Pavlovian dogs when a bell is rung with no interest in questioning where the food came from, what is in it, and how it got on the plate.

And finally we come to the Democrat politicians themselves. Still using insider trading and foreign donors with questionable motives to enrich themselves, these parasites on the backs of the taxpayers of main street, stand before the nation spewing lies as if they are geysers at Yosemite. Instead of leading their constituents into constructive discussion and debate with their fellow Americans whose opinions might differ, they have clearly taken the low road in trying to delegitimize a government they can no longer control as they remain silent about the violent behavior of their supporters.

So what are the cornerstones of totalitarianism? Violence, intimidation, information and opinion control, and corrupt greedy and ambitious politicians. Now to be fair there are also plenty of greedy and corrupt politicians on the right but those politicians are not inciting riot. They are not accusing their opponents of racist, sexism, homophobia, or any of the other low road soliloquies constantly spewing from the pie holes of the leftist media and political class.

And what about the right? What properties and persons have they harmed during the election season? Where has the right tried to silence political discourse? If even FOX News is not a true right wing news media source then where oh where in the mainstream media is a news source that supports conservatives with the vigor of a CNN or CNBC? There certainly is not one on the television set and when one emerges on the internet like a Beitbart or Gateway Pundit the entire mainstream media and totalitarian community comes together to make every attempt to stifle decent. Conservative friendly information networks are mostly restricted to the radio. The AM bad and scratchy reception radio.

So let’s start calling a man a man and a woman a woman and leftists what they truly are instead of allowing them to call themselves rainbow unicorns. They are not rainbow unicorns the are seditious totalitarians. Nothing more and nothing less.


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