Revenge is a Dish best served Cold


I always here people saying it is best to forgive and forget. Doesn’t that seem like an odd thing to say. Someone wrongs you and you’re just supposed to take it. Like a bitch. Well maybe you are supposed to turn the other cheek but I’m not that guy. I’m a great believer in revenge.

Oh sure I know all about Karma. I believe in Karma too. I believe that there is a force in the universe that will eventually get around to punishing the person who has wronged you in this life as opposed to the next. So what. That doesn’t mean I walk away.

I think I have a rather unique view on how to exact revenge. Most who seek revenge act quickly and want their victim to know they did it to them. Not me. I believe in biding my time and looking for opportunities no matter how subtle to exact the revenge my victim has so eagerly set themselves up for. And when I say I’m patient when it comes to revenge I don’t mean days or weeks I mean years. If you screwed me over ten years ago …. it isn’t over yet. I’m still above ground.

I also don’t want my victim to know it is me screwing up their lives. If they knew it was me they would be looking over their shoulder for me and then that would cripple my fun. I hold a grudge and I don’t believe in measured revenge. If you cut off my hand I’ll cut off both of yours and a foot. Of course I’d let you live, I want you to feel lingering pain.

I always try to be nice to people, treat them fairly, and never screw them over and that is probably why I get so obsessed when someone screws me over. You don’t get 3 strikes with me you’re out after the first one.

So why did I make the effort to write this rant?  I did so as a warning to people who trifle with the lives of others. You may have gotten away with screwing with other people and maybe you didn’t. Maybe you screwed over someone like me and you’ve never known that some of the bad things that have happened in your life are the results of your behavior towards someone else. God might forgive but people like me don’t. Think about that the next time you think about giving someone else the short end of the stick. The world is a lot smaller than you think.



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