How to Bring Progressives to Heel


I have been studying the progressive movement for much longer than Obama has been president and always in the back of my mind has been the question of how to reach them. How do you convince well meaning people that so many of their ideas are just so wrong. I think this is a question that has perplexed many a conservative and libertarian and to date I haven’t heard one workable technique. The problem seems to be a complete lack of understanding of the people we want to influence so let’s start with who these people really are.

You often hear conservatives and libertarians refer to progressive liberals as wanting to live in world of rainbows and unicorns. This attempt to insult leftists isn’t as far off base as you might think and quite frankly most of them don’t even consider that an insult.

These people are worshipers of the 60’s and everything that came with it. In part the 60’s were about perversion, drugs, socialism/communism and protest but that is all progressive liberals get from the 60’s. There is nothing more that these people truly desire than to be doing drugs while having sex in a middle of a protest about sharing someone elses wealth. Did you hear about the Occupy protests? Case in point.


There is one other group that is part of the progressive liberal lineup and are those who feel entitled as if the world owes them. These people would rather be slaves than free men and women. One cannot deny that slaves are taken care of by others but it is only free people who are responsible for their own lives. Politicians and courts have convinced these people that there is something wrong with them by giving them handouts at working peoples expense. Once you start taking handouts it is almost impossible to stop. Why work or seek a legitimate career or job training or make good life decisions when you can get paid for hanging around and doing anything you want? Losing that free ride can also be a very frightening concept if all you’ve been doing is hanging around and have never or haven’t had a job lately and the responsibility for living.

In the end if you want to sway someone to your side of the fence or your way of thinking you have to give them some sort of incentive to do so. A free AM radio that looks like a Bentley isn’t going to cut it. The first group is easy, the most cost effective, and actually profitable on many levels. Simply legalize marijuana and tax and regulate it like alcohol and the hippies will think you are Gods. I’ve never seen anyone get violent or destructive while high on weed. You might also be surprised at how open someone who is high is to new and different ideas as long as you express them in a low key way. This isn’t drugging them into zombies either. Pot just isn’t that strong.

The second group, those who believe they are entitled, is the hard group to sway. With almost half of all Americans on some sort of government assistance this is one hell of a mountain to climb. You have to understand that these people have already surrendered their freedom and many have done so eagerly. Their cry in the dark is “help me.” They are like alcoholics who are incapable of any sort of self discipline and of course like an alcoholic there is always something outside self to blame. These people cannot be reached through reason and are the most dangerous elements of a constitutional republic. The only way to reach them is to set them free by taking their entitlements away and forcing them to survive by their own means.


Yes that sounds harsh and it is and it should be. Just like the alcoholic the entitlement minded have to hit rock bottom to be saved or perhaps more correctly to save America from them. A dog may cower but if you put that dog in a corner with no means of escape he will most likely attack.

It should be noted however that an economic structure must be in place to support unskilled workers to allow the entitlement minded the opportunity to make the transition from slave to master of their own domain. Regulations in various forms have made doing business difficult in the United States and consequently at the moment that economic structure does not exist. Of course the entitlement minded don’t want that structure to exist because Maury Povitch which is why many of them make claims of safety, ecology and energy as reasons to keep people enslaved. Once the chains have been broken the free are not so easily brought back into entitlement slavery.


The only path to bring the majority of Democrats over to our side is to legalize marijuana, develop a friendly business environment to rebuild Americas economic structure and once that structure has taken root getting rid of everything but the bare essential entitlement (food). And for the love of God let’s start encouraging Churches and Synagogues to pick up the charity baton once more. They make people work for their handouts.





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