Usury, Slavery, Child Sacrifice & White Genocide: It’s Always Been the Jews


So what does usury, slavery, child sacrifice and White genocide have in common? The answer to this question is Jews.

Very few people know much about Jews in the 21st century. You are not allowed to criticize Jews in modern day Western Civilization so very few people ever do and the ones brave enough to do so are most often chastised relentlessly and every attempt is made to destroy them. In fact the only people who can get away with lobbing even the most benign criticism towards Jews are Jewish comedians. This has been going on since WWII. Doesn’t this scenario sound familiar?

Blacks, Muslims, homos, Mexicans, women and other “triggered” groups have picked up this torch of victimization. Who could blame them really. It is highly profitable both on a monetary level and a political level to play the victim and we have watched how successfully the Jews have played the victim card for decades …. well actually more than a century because they were sowing the seeds of successful victimization before WWI. So if you were wondering what started all this precious snowflake crybaby anarchist crap now you know. Frankly I’m a little perplexed that this hasn’t happened sooner and it seems given the close relationship Jews have negotiated with Blacks they have been teaching Blacks this method for decades. Let’s not forget that the biggest donor to Black Lives Matter is a Jew, George Soros.

Have you ever wondered why most European countries have kicked Jews out at one time in history or another? You probably haven’t. You’ve been told everything you should know and since no one can say ill about the Jews who isn’t a Jew you probably don’t want to know. Well today is your unlucky day and you’re going to find out.

In old Europe there were 2 primary reasons why people kicked Jews out of their countries and those reasons were usury and child sacrifice. Yes child sacrifice. But lets play the age old journalistic bait and switch game and start with usury. Usury is the practice of charging a yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily interest fee when loaning people money. You have suffered from usury all your lives. This is why you actually pay 3 times the value of your home at purchase. More than likely you will never pay off your home in fact you are “encouraged” to buy a new home every 7 years or so to upgrade your standard of living. How about your credit cards? What are you really paying for the items your are purchasing with them? Well old Europe didn’t much like the results of usury loans especially when the end result was often the surrender of lands to these Jewish bankers. So they kicked them the fuck out.

Ah now the part you have been waiting for child sacrifice. The thing is child sacrifice isn’t all that new the Mayans and Inca’s did it but it is one thing to kill your own children (oh don’t give me that shit people abort their children by the millions) but to kidnap and kill other peoples children is absolutely verboten. It wasn’t just that the Jews were killing other peoples kids it was the method that they used. They would strap a child to an alter and start making tiny cuts all over the childs body. They would continue to do this until the child bled out. Can you imagine the fear, horror, and duration of such a thing on an innocent child? Think would that would be like all the while a group of people are watching and probably chanting in a language you don’t understand while you plead and beg for your life…as a little kid.  Three famous cases of this practice in England on children are Robert of Bury, William of Norwich, and Harold of Gloucester if you’d care for some proof but this practice was not uncommon throughout Western and Eastern Europe. Though children were the preferred prey there are reports of hapless adult fools walking down paths alone being snatched up by Jews and having the same thing done to them. People were pretty barbaric back then so one must assume this happened a lot to even get noticed.


Next comes slavery. To hear your school teacher talk about it Dutch sailors went to Africa, captured a bunch of Africans, shipped them off to America and sold them as property. Nice story but not all together true. The part they don’t tell you about (well aside from the fact that these Africans were already slaves at least at first enslaved by other Africans) is that the owners of those ships were all Jews. The captains and the crew of these ships took their orders from Jews. And who were these Jews? Well they were the Jews who had been kicked out of Portugal for …. you guessed it ….. usury.

And finally we’ll roll right into the White genocide aspect of this outrage.

Jews want to flood White majority countries with foreigners for several reasons none of them good. The bankers own almost every country on planet earth through ….. you guessed it ….. debt. Debt = profit and a country whose population is shrinking, especially relatively rich countries can’t pay enough to generate their potential debt and there is also a risk that as a countries population shrinks and less resources are needed, some or all of these countries could reduce or even pay off their debt and that can’t happen. When Germany tried to do that the entire world mobilized against her and guess who financed that effort? Yeah again with the Jews.


Speaking about war, just about everything you have ever been taught about both world wars is an absolute fabrication. Some of you know this already and have probably realized that talking about it isn’t a good thing even if you are speaking the truth. But because of the internet a lot more people are beginning to learn what really happened and the Zionist role in it all and that is getting noticed by the people who have the most to lose if the truth ever got out. Imagine what would happen if people came to understand the real roles the Jews played just before the wars, during and after them. So to make sure Europeans will never be able to retaliate against Jews or Israel their countries must be homogenized or better yet completely taken over by non Whites. A bit more than a year ago an Israeli journalist actually tried to make a case for nuking Germany. The cherry on the cake is that many Jews are now escaping to Israel which in the near future may prove to help grant Israel some of the land now held by Isis to help solve its expanding population. Or move the people out of Palestine into what is now Isis head territory (remember I said it first when it happens). Or maybe a bit from column A and B.

Here’s the part where I’m supposed to state something snappy to wrap all of this up.



3 thoughts on “Usury, Slavery, Child Sacrifice & White Genocide: It’s Always Been the Jews

  1. I have spent roughly 5 years examining the very points you bring out in your article and you are right on as usual. I have been attacked and accused of anti-semitism as well as a bigot, racist, xenaphob, ect, ect , over just asking simple examples of proof against the claims that the so called country I thought I was living in called America is really Jewmerica ! and I am a slave to jews who are not Hebrews and cannot trace their beginnings to any of the twelve tribes of Palestine ( now called israel). All I can say is Hitler was right and as a European White person if he were alive today I would join the Nazi party for safety against the jews!

    On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 2:51 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” So what does usury, slavery, child sacrifice and White > genocide have in common? The answer to this question is Jews. Very few > people know much about Jews in the 21st century. You are not allowed to > criticize Jews in modern day Western Civilization so v” >

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