It’s Ok for America to be a White Nation.


The United States of America was formed by a bunch of White Christian businessman and politicians. These people were of European descent and they were conquerors like Alexander the Great or the Roman or Egyptian Empires in the finest traditions of mankind. And when they came across primitive peoples who were unwilling or unable to protect what was theirs these Europeans and European descendants conquered those lands but unlike the other examples rarely murdered or enslaved the people they conquered. In fact in some cases in which the United States could have conquered a land they actually chose to purchase it instead. This is how the world worked on every continent until very recently. Until there was a disturbance in the natural order.

For better or worse The United States of America is still a White Christian nation and that majority has not just the right but the responsibility to defend that majority. White Christian Americans were the ones who invited other from other lands to come and enjoy the fruits of the legacy Americans hoped to create. Those who could contribute and blend in with the rest were welcomed with open arms from all over the world. America was, is and never will be perfect (God save us if it ever becomes that way) and surely she has had her dark moments but America has a way of correcting oversights and mistakes or at least what the White majority thinks were mistakes like slavery. And yes slavery even today occurs in all four corners of the earth but Americans identified that as inhumane. Islam and other cultures feel quite differently about slavery and still believe in the practice.

Most social justice warriors and progressive liberals complain that America is run by White men. Let’s assume that was true for a moment (it isn’t). Have those White men done a bad job? Sure some of them gave less than stellar performances but by and large America grew into the most powerful country in the world due to their stewardship. That’s pretty fucking good. And if we go around the world we see that other White Christian countries also do pretty darn good. Well that’s a pretty good record. South America however isn’t doing so hot. Africa isn’t either. The Middle East can’t stop slaughtering each other and maybe they don’t want to stop.

Why does everyone want to come to America? Because White people established one of the most liberty minded nations on the planet and because White people but an insanely rich country. These are things to be proud of not shamed. Whites could have just killed all the men, enslaved all the children, and taken all the women as concubines just like every other conquerors throughout history.

The real question is, if  Whites don’t control the levels of ethnicity and allow themselves to become the minority, what will America become?  If history teaches us anything it teaches us that it probably won’t be better and certainly not for Whites. America just had a Black president how did that turn out? If Hispanics were good at running countries why are all their people trying to come to America even though their countries are rich with natural resources? The truth is White rule in America has been very successful. For everyone. Whites even elected a minority to be President. On what other planet does that happen? Not ours.

So it’s ok to say that America is a White nation. There is nothing wrong with being White and nothing wrong with taking pride in your races accomplishments nor should any other race take that away. And if you’re a minority in America count your blessing … you could be in the country of your peoples origin instead. Boxing superstar Muhammad Ali once said he was grateful his grandfather got on the boat. Wisdom and athleticism all in one package. Hellofaguy!



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