Are Transgenders Better than Real Women?


Do you ever get the feeling that real flesh, born from cradle to grave women are being marginalized in our society? Who actually benefits the most from marriage but women and yet feminists teach women to treat marriage like a long date. It is a wonderful life to be a mother and a homemaker. Women used to completely own certain duties within the family like cooking and keeping house and raising kids which made them invaluable. Today the best chefs are men, a male hotel executive teaches us how to keep house on TV by teaching other hotel owners how to do it, and we ship our kids off to daycare at the earliest opportunity so that strangers can replace mommy.

We did these things to motherhood so women could pursue their own career goals. Or at least that is what we told. Clearly being a mother just wasn’t enough for Western Women anymore than being loyal, trustworthy wives. They wanted more. So for the last 40 years we’ve been hearing about how women aren’t getting enough of everything as we’ve watched the nuclear family disappear like flour in a wind gust. Behold the rise of the female version of the human pig ……. the cougar.

Women decided or convinced themselves that men should be more like them. After years of emasculating men and encouraging men to be more in touch with their feelings and go get pedicures with them many men appear to be realizing that women have it made and they’d like a piece of that action. So why not be women? Hey if it was good enough for and Olympic decathlon champion!  So many men are becoming women (ok some women become men but it is mostly men that become women) that we have to start installing 3rd bathrooms in public places.

Women used to breed and not just one or 2 kids either. Large families were the norm just a few short decades ago. Today if a woman is pregnant she is likely to get more looks of pity than praise. OMG she is pregnant there goes her future. In the “me first” age having a child is a sacrifice not a blessing.

Trannys can’t have children. Their careers will never remotely be affected by waddling around for 9 months. If a man hooks up with a woman who used to be a man he’ll never have to worry about losing all the things he worked his whole life for.

Don’t think for a second that a straight man wouldn’t hook up with a tranny if the tranny was hot enough and there are a lot of trannies who put real women to shame. One even became a Bond Girl.



If you don’t believe me go watch one of Blaire Whites videos on YouTube and read the comments left by straight men. Given what passes as a man among millennials 5, 10, 15 years from now it might be pretty common for straight men to hook up with transsexuals who might look and feel like every bit of a woman but without the menstrual cycle, its accompanied mood swings, and potential loss of wealth.


What if men became better women than real women? We’re better at guy stuff than women. We are better at cooking than women. My ex used to take all weekend to clean our little house and I’d get it all done in an hour. You look at some of these trannies and a lot of them are a whole lot better at putting on makeup and choosing clothes than most of the women I know. They go all out all the time. Certainly sounds a lot better than that tub of butter sitting on the couch wearing a sweat suit complaining about how you’re never doing enough to satisfy her 4×4 behind.

But hey don’t worry ladies. We got men from 3rd world countries flooding across our boarders and you can always hook up with them. Oh wait some of them are trannies too. What if they let those Asian trannies flood into the west? You can’t even tell the difference.

Well we’ll still need women to breed at least for a little while longer.

The thing is …. there has been a war on women and the majority of women seem to have taken up arms with their enemies.


One thought on “Are Transgenders Better than Real Women?

  1. Ohhhhhh No!!!!!!!!! You hit it on the mark again! Bullzeye!!!! I lived in San Jose, California for about 35 years and knew a couple of them and you are totally right! Even I was fooled several times and had to take a second and third look !!! I also spoke with a couple guys on my job sites about it and they for the most part agreed with all you have said, and these are hard core construction guys fed up with the demands and fat assed bitches they have to put up with. Thanx again for your honesty as always, a good read. D.s.

    On Sat, Jan 7, 2017 at 10:02 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” Do you ever get the feeling that real flesh, born from > cradle to grave women are being marginalized in our society? Who actually > benefits the most from marriage but women and yet feminists teach women to > treat marriage like a long date. It is a wonderfu” >

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