Obama Can’t Do Shit


A lot of people I know are very worried right now because of some of the things Obama is doing before he leaves office. For roughly 240 years stewards of the United States have always understood that when their time was finished it was their duty as American citizens to make the transition of power as smooth and uncluttered as possible. This is how civilized people do things. You had your turn and now it is someone elses turn. That is until the 44th president came along.

What we are seeing coming out of the White House as the clock ticks steadily away is the behavior not of a statesman, not of a leader of free men and women, but the behavior of a spoiled child who didn’t get his way. His behavior is that of his followers who want to watch the world burn if they don’t get their own way. In a way Obama is metaphorically running through the White House smashing as many windows and starting as many fires as he can before he gets evicted.


He’s also very scared. Obama was pictured as a messiah when he first took office in 2008. His followers eyes were widely open reminiscent of the followers of Jim Jones which just might be the reason why for the last 8 years they have been accused over and over again of drinking the Kool Aid. This Black man would make everything hokey dokey and break the White male grip on power. A new down was here and a utopia of rainbows and unicorns were soon to follow. Except as it turned out just about everything he touched in the last 8 years turned into complete disasters. His legacy is that he is Black. Looking back it appears to be the ultimate Affirmative Action assignment and true to that program very little of value was done by a person who wasn’t remotely qualified for the job.


Barrack Hussein Obama is scared to death that Trump just might turn out to be an excellent president and that Trumps legacy could completely overshadow his. So instead of being a good sport Obama is being a poor loser.

There is nothing Obama is doing right now that Trump can’t undo. Obama might slow down the Trump Train a little but he can’t stop it. As far as Obama staying in Washington to be a thorn in Trumps side we should be thrilled. Look what he did to the Democrat Party when he had power. Soon he will have none aside from perhaps within the party itself and if the DNC still gives Obama the head chair at the table then the future looks bright for conservative values.


So relax. Like it or not on January 20th Obama will take his last helicopter ride on our dime. Whatever he has planned will do much more damage to the DNC than to Trump just like his entire career has. And no one in government will let this clown start a war this close to the end of his term. We Got this.



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