The True Obama Legacy


There has been a lot of talk about the Obama legacy as if it is something that needs protecting. I’m just not convinced that there is anything to protect. Barrack Obama was  the least experienced President the United States has ever known. A part time substitute speaker, a community activist and a couple of years in the Senate in which he mostly campaigned and made no real attempt to govern or make law. His inexperience as a leader clearly showed during his 8 years in office and again during his lame duck presidency in which he clearly is attempting to make Americas next presidents job as difficult as he possibly can. But what exactly is he trying to protect?

When Obama first took office he demanded that Congress give him a huge amount of money to stimulate the economy and of course as the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress the check was cut. After he got the money he demanded, he leeched it out so slowly that it had absolutely no effect on the economy whatsoever. But America went further into debt anyway.

Next came the Affordable Care Act. To be honest it is unlikely that Obama had much of anything to do with the ACA but he eagerly took all the credit for it. Not a single Republican signed the bill into law. Not a one. The bill zoomed through both houses and onto the Presidents desk faster than you can recite the alphabet. Not only did the ACA fail to perform it actually made things worse for most Americans and to top it all off we later discovered that the framers of the ACA purposely lied over and over again to the American people just to get the bill passed. Did you get to keep your doctor and/or are your insurance bills and deductibles more affordable?


Obama’s foreign policies turned out to be even worse than his domestic policies.There is no place in the Middle East that is better off now than when Obama took office. The Obama regime pushed the Muslim Brotherhood into North Africa with disastrous results. Egypt and Libya were severely damaged by this push to create a strong centralized Islamic political presence in the region (that one could only presume was meant to expand) with both countries still trying to recover from the Obama regimes meddling. The truth is Libya has become a disaster and its people now suffer greatly because of what Obama did there.


The only real legacy President Obama has is that he is Americas first Black president. That is it period. He let down the people who voted him into office and the nation. Every action he has taken has caused more harm than good to the majority of not just Americas, but to peoples around the world who suffered from his relentless drone strikes and regime change wars. He left the inner cities to die and then blamed White people for it even though these cities are all run by Democrats. He saddled the economy with so many new regulations that more than 93 million Americans just gave up looking for work and then congratulates himself after 8 years of peoples unemployment insurance (the only gauge the government uses to determine unemployment numbers) expiring. Sure there are less people collecting unemployment because the rest ended up on government handouts and part time work.


But instead of hiding in the corner in shame where he so richly belongs this narcissist is walking out the door hoping to leave a big enough mess behind that somehow he will look like a better president than Donald Trump. Reminds me of the voter fraud of 2016 that couldn’t beat the overwhelming number of voters who had enough of failure.

Well I’ve got news for you Mr. Soon to be Ex President, Trump has been outshining your 8 years ever since the election and he hasn’t even taken the oath yet. And what you’re going to be remembered as is a classless failure …. and being Black.



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