Once You Go Black …….


I’ve been thinking about writing on this subject for several moths now but no matter how I thought about framing it, it always sounded like it was going to be a racist rant. Then I remembered my time in the investment world. In the investment world they don’t care if something sounds like it is racist or sexist or considered some kind of phobia they can’t afford to give a crap about such nonsense. In the investment world you have to make deals to feed your family and the more deals you make the better your family is fed so there is no room for anything that even remotely resembles political correctness. They only care about what is true and what is not because you can’t make deals on rainbows or unicorns. It is what it is.

I remember it was almost 20 years ago the first time I heard the expression. I was in between jobs working as a telemarketer in a home improvement outfit pitching cabinet refacement demonstrations to people who were trying to eat their dinner. There was an interracial couple at the office both anyone would consider above average in attract-ability, in their early 20’s consisting of a young Black man and a young White woman.

One Saturday afternoon most of the crew was taking a 15 minute smoke break minus the Black man, and his White girl was bragging to her girlfriends about how hot her Black boyfriend was. Eventually, whether true or not, she made some reference to the size of his junk and then proceeded to say something along the lines of “You know what they say, once you go Black you never go back”. Funny how quickly a groups aura can change from the humorous to the uncomfortable. After a few moments of silence a New Jersey Guido (flamboyant Italian American) chirped in “Because we won’t let you” and of course everyone burst into laughter and then she said “What does that mean?” genuinely perplexed, and then the laughter became so uproarious and I’m quite sure a couple of the ladies might have wet their panties just a little. By the way it was a very mixed racial group of people.

As funny as that day at an otherwise insanely boring job was, it does highlight a topic most people are afraid to discuss openly which of course is interracial relationships. My greasy headed, garlic breath wannabe gangster friend was absolutely right, there are very few White men who with enter into a relationship with a White woman who has slept with even one Black man. He’ll never get the thought out of his head and even if, during the rare instance that he might date a White woman he knows has slept with Black men that relationship is doomed to fail. Part of the reason is because White men have a love/hate relationship with White women, they don’t like the way they are treated by their women so when they watch porn it is more about humiliating the White woman than it is about watching her having sex with someone that looks like his friend or boss. So what kind of porn do they tend to watch (other than lesbian porn)? They wanna see one or even many Black men with 18″ tools tear apart a pretty young white slut. The kind they could never hope to score (or maybe the kind that looks like an ex girl who dumped him). And they wanna see her beg for it. This is not an image a man wants for his wife or even girlfriend. Even worse if his friends find out he’ll be known as the guy who can’t do better than a Mud Shark.

Now before you go all half cocked about racist White males, this phenomenon isn’t exactly a White phenomenon. Asian men will rarely touch an Asian woman that he knows has been with Black men and the same goes for most men of non Black races. A lot of Hispanic men are the same if their women date anyone outside of whatever the heck the Hispanic mix is supposed to be.

The point is, if you’re a non Black girl or non Black woman and you do think about sleeping with a Black man make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. If you prefer Blacks in general and you expect that will continue throughout your life then by all means follow your dreams. But if you’re a White female and you’re just trying to make daddy mad, or get back at an ex, or just see that one in a million Black man that you find attractive be aware that there may be no road back. There is also a 71% chance that if he gets you pregnant you’ll be a single mom (good luck hiding your interracial escapades after that) and a 33% chance that you’ll contact genital warts which you’ll have for a lifetime of fond memories.

Oddly the reverse isn’t true. White women won’t turn a White man away for a relationship just because he has slept with Black women. In fact with many White women it might actually be a good thing.

These are just the facts Ma’am.



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