A World Without Christmas


There seems to be a war on Christians around the world. Atheists, Muslims, Jews, Agnostics and others taste the blood in the water of a muchly fragmented religion that has more different sects that a fur tree has branches. The beliefs and histories of those attacking Christianity in various forms and methods appear to be incontestable.

Yet once a year it is Christianity that brings people together all at the same time to celebrate joy, good tidings and that worships the act of giving. Not taking, not killing not martyrdom, but giving unto others as God gave unto the world with his ownly begotten son (holy crap I’m sounding like a preacher).

Could you, would you want to imagine a world without Christmas?

Without Christmas we’d have nothing to whine about in July when the Hallmark Channel started it’s first B-rated Christmas shows of a season several months away. Instead of Dad hanging Christmas lights and watching football while Mom cooked Thanksgiving turkey, Dad would just be moping around the house before and after the game. And you can forget about the Thanksgiving Day parades that are always more about Christmas than Thanksgiving. No lights and decorations in towns all over … the world. No happy children hoping for gifts when it isn’t even their birthday. No Santa or Rudolph. No Carolers.


Vendors all over the world (even in places where Christmas is mostly verboten) depend on the Christmas season to survive and feed their families. What about all the great sales? I got a great deal on a 55″ LG TV last year that would have cost me significantly more without the sale putting it into of my price range. How about all those manufacturers, shippers, wholesalers, retailers, and jobs that would go missing?

I like tinsel. I like dressing my home up in pretty colorful blinking lights and I also like that sometimes it isn’t that way. Without Christmas they would either be there or they wouldn’t you wouldn’t be climbing ladders risking life and limb more than once.


What about the food? Oh my God Christmas food is the best food of the entire year no matter what country and culture you are in. If you pigged out the way you did during Christmas all year long you’d be a diabetic that weighed 400lbs. Would anyone drink eggnog if it wasn’t for Christmas? If it wasn’t for Christmas fruitcake we’d have nothing to hold our homes doors open with.


The point is that no other religion that has ever existed on planet earth has offered so much happiness and joy to so many people in so many places. Even for people who aren’t Christians. I once worked for this Jewish guy whose wife would put up 3 Christmas trees every year (even one in the garage). Whether you are Christian or not it should be your business to shield it and protect it because in so many ways it positively affects your life and the lives of your family, friends, and associates. Christians have given the world one moment each year of hope, happiness and joy and no other group can make the same claim.

Christians deserve better than what they have been getting.


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