Money: Why You Can Never Make Enough


I was at a Christmas party recently when someone asked me “When it is enough?’ referring to how much money is enough money. You hear that same comments from the left, often as if there is something wrong with acquiring wealth. As if wealth is a bad thing. Well money may not buy you love but I’d rather cry in a Bentley than in a Yugo. Maybe that is just me.

My answer to their inquiry was met with faces that were full of shock and dismay when I told the people I was sitting at the dinner table with that it is impossible to make enough money. Impossible to make enough money you say? That is exactly right.

What would or could you do with a million dollar? How about a billion dollars or even several billion dollars? Of course you might buy a big house and a handful of luxury and sports cars (and who wouldn’t) but of course at some point you’d spend about as much on yourself as you possible could. So what would you do with the rest?

The first thing you might do is start a business or perhaps even several of them as Donald Trump has to help protect the money you have and even make some more. Those businesses would not just create jobs for many people who might not have jobs but they would also benefit other businesses around them. Restaurants would likely get a lot more business and they too might hire more staff creating more jobs. Car dealerships and auto repair business would see an upturn in business again creating more jobs. And of course then there are vendors selling and maintaining phones, computers, office supplies, raw materials … the potential is endless and some of these places that would benefit through expansion and job creation might be hundreds and even thousands of miles away from the businesses you create. Isn’t that a good thing?

How about charities? Not only can you donate money to charities that desperately need your help, if you are a substantial donator you are also in a position to be a watchdog and make sure that your donations go to where they should be going and not get eaten up by administrative costs. That is a lot of power to have and you can make a big difference to hundreds and thousands of people.

Politics is also another area in which you can have a huge influence with your money.

Sure you can stay poor and bitch and moan about all the other rich people who you think aren’t doing enough with their money or you can man or woman up, make a fortune and show everyone that you can make a real difference in our world instead of  taking to the streets and destroying what someone else busted their behind to make.

Protesting  never does a dam thing but money is power … real power that in the right hands can change the world for better or worse. If you want to be the sword of justice or positive change in the world your first step is to go out in the world, bust your arse and make your fortune. They call that being successful for a reason.



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