The Lefts Hatred of America


Prior to the election on November the 8th many speculated that Trump would win the popular vote but lose in the Electoral college. Both Julian Assange and George Soros stated publicly that this was the likely scenario. It was then and only then that the left and the mainstream media demanded that Donald Trump accept the election results and again all this occurred prior to the election. As it turned out the exact opposite was true however whether Hillary actually won the popular vote is debatable considering the massive voter fraud of illegals voting illegally and in several cities around the country voter fraud by the left has been uncovered with Democrat pollsters finding themselves in handcuffs in the back seat of a police cruiser.

Now only a great fool would be focused on the popular vote when it is the Electoral College that has the final say so Trump focused his campaign in the areas which offered him the best chance to win electoral college votes. Duh. What would have been the outcome had Hillary won those votes and lost the popular vote? The hypocrisy of the left knows know bounds.

But this Op-ed is about how much the left hates America so let’s get right to that.

The Second Amendment is one of the most important amendments to the Constitution according to the framers of our Constitutional Republic. Our founders believed that the people should always be in a position to take over the country by force if the government failed to act in the best interest of the people or if for any reason the people believed that their government should be disbanded and replaced. We all know leftists work tirelessly to assault this amendment. The underlying reason is of course because leftist policies must be implemented by force and doing so is much easier when people are defenseless.

Today our First Amendment rights are also under attack by the left and RINOs who are angry because they are no longer relevant and no longer control the narrative unopposed. Leftist social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are thrilled to promote this farce hiding behind the fact that they are private entities and can limit freedom of speech at will which all 3 groups having so done repeatedly. You have the right of freedom of expression just not on the internet because somehow the internet is not viewed as a public space. YouTube does the same thing by denying advertisement revenue to posters who do not tow the politically correct line.

And finally leftists want to do away with the electoral college so that only big cities full of people on government assistance, illegals and leftists will ever be able to determine who becomes president locking out everyone else.

The left is about control it always has been. In Europe there is very little in the way of freedom of expression in the socialist states whose socialism only exists because it is propped up by America in the name of defense. These countries could not afford to continue their socialist programs if they had to pay 100% of their own defense or have to bail out their own financial institutions (America did that) after the housing market collapse of 2008. These people are forced to keep quiet in most cases when it comes to questioning the actions of their own governments ie: leftism by force.

Leftists now see the stranglehold they have had on America for the last 8 years slipping away. They didn’t just lose the presidential election they lost elections across the board and across the country in state elections as well. They have never experienced and ass kicking like the one they got on November 8th ever.

Some people just want to watch the world burn and in this case the left would rather see America burn to the ground than give up control. Right now they are in panic mode grasping at any straw they can but it gives the whole country a chance to see who they truly are and for that America owes Donald Trump and all of his supporters the debt of gratitude. The lies have been exposed. Leftists are not peaceful, loving, or empathetic they are violent, full of hate, and don’t give a dam about this Republic and everyone can see this clearly now.

But they never learn. They still believe they can get their way by force lying and cheating their way back to a position of dominant political power. They dug their own grave and if they continue on this course which is very likely, the only thing they will destroy is their own ideologies and credibility … which is just fine.

Keep up the good work leftists. We can’t destroy you without the help you are so eager to give.



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