Is the Establishment Insane?


As we near the day the Electoral College votes for Trump it is starting to become pretty obvious that there are establishment forces attempting to steal the election from Donald Trump and the People. At this point one is forced to ask if these people are insane.

Exactly how to these people think things will pan out of they succeed? Do they honestly believe the people of America will just take this coup lying down or that somehow the next day it will just be business as usual? If they do they are fools.

An election coup on December 19th or any interference by the Obama regime would undoubtedly result in the end of America. It is one thing to be upset with how the election turned out and quite another to steal the election outright. The people they would be stealing the election from are most likely the best armed citizens in the nation.

Already this narrative is making America look the fool to the world.The level of corruption within Washington and the press is humiliating.

We are 5 days away from either confirming Trumps election or the beginning of the end for America as a nation.



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