Trebuchet Idea Returns


Last year when Trump declared that he would send illegals back across the Mexican boarder the idea of using the French trebuchet as a cost effective way of sending these criminals back across the boarder was promoted. This idea gained a great deal of support as even after the Great Trump Wall was completed the ancient weapon would still be able to clear the wall sending illegals back to Mexico where they had violated U.S. federal laws. Unfortunately the type of wood required was only available (ash trees) in volume in the Bavarian forests of Germany limiting the amount of trebuchet’s which could be constructed and effectively killing the plan.

Prior to the presidential election several celebrities claimed that they would be moving to Canada if Trump was elected president. As we all know Trump won the election however not a single person who threatened to move to America’s hat has packed up and moved. People should make good on their promises and if they won’t do so on their own accord it is the consensus of the majority of Americans that they should be rounded up and shipped off the Canada as they previously promised to do.

The trebuchet is back on the table exciting several workers unions who see an opportunity to return many of their members who have lost their jobs during the 8 years of the Obama regime back to work. Several union leaders have been seen going in and out of Trump Tower in New York City vying for the opportunity to build trebuchets once again as a cost effective method of disposing undesirables such as progressives, socialists, and communists (yeah we all know they are the same thing).

To be clear the trebuchet method is still just on the drawing table but many are hopeful that this time it will succeed as the Germans have clearly surrendered their nation to migrating hordes of vicious killers and rapists. This of course frees up the Bavarian forest ash trees for construction making the trebuchet method viable once more. And of course since the progressives/socialists/communists are a much greater threat to America than illegals firing them across the Canadian boarder has become an immediate priority.

Updates as soon as they become available.



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