Because You Are an Idiot


The mainstream media and Washington politicians never seem to tire of insulting the general population. The truth is these elitists think we are all a bunch of idiots and they aren’t afraid to constantly show us so.

So the Russians helped Donald Trump win? So what. How many elections around the world has the United States interfered with? We’ll never know. How many regime changes have other countries gone through because the United States government didn’t like whatever administration was running a country? We’ll never know but what we do know is that the united States participates in exactly the same kind of thing politicians and the media is now accusing Russia of doing.

And why wouldn’t the Russians interfere? Hillary Clinton practically declared that she would start WWIII with Russia and whatever allies they had if she got elected president. If Russia did help Trump win I for one applaud them for doing so not just because I’m a supporter of Donald Trump but because I don’t want my kids to grow up in a post nuclear wasteland. Bravo Putin if this is true.

So how exactly may have Russia helped Trump? By exposing the truth that’s how. The media and Washington are desperately trying to re-legitimize themselves after being exposed as exactly what they are, enemies of the republic. Between the emails released by Wikileaks and the Project Veritas videos we have gotten a very clear picture of exactly how corrupt the media and our politicians truly are and it is astounding. Both groups have worked tirelessly to undermine the will of the people and this is plain for all to see.

The Russian accusations whether true or not is promoted as a distraction. Forget about how corrupt your government and media are just keep the focus on blaming the Russians.

And they wonder why we don’t trust them anymore.



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