World March to Censorship


Think you can express your opinions any way you like? Think again. With the help of progressive liberals, the media, and world government supporters the world is marching dangerously close to absolute suppression of the “right” of freedom of speech and expression. To be fair most of the countries of the world suppress inalienable rights like the freedom to express yourself as you see fit and freedom to defend yourself and your family among others and that makes it all ok. Americans are rather spoiled when it comes to the level of oppression that our government is willing to yoke us with for now. That being said Western Civilization is supposed to be the bedrock of liberty and freedom.

It would be very surprising for most Americans to discover the level of censorship accruing in other parts of the Western World especially in Western Europe. Americans tend to view Europe as a civilized region of the earth but compared to America it is a region of outrageous oppression when it comes to personal rights. Europe’s prisons are chock full of political prisoners who have done nothing more that express opinions and ideas that are not politically correct in the eyes of their governments. In one infamous case in the United Kingdom a man was arrested for reading from Winston Churchill’s speeches in public. If they are willing to put someone in jail for that what else have people gone to jail for? Censorship survives and flourishes in Europe because of ghosts from the past specifically the first half of the 20th century. The last thing the governments of Europe and the U.S. ever want is to see full disclosure of the facts of the world wars.

Censorship has always been a part of the U.S. as well but that changed with the introduction of the internet. Suddenly curious citizens no longer need to depend on the Jewish media (don’t be stupid even the Jews admit they run the media) or the government for information. Even worse many citizens themselves are doing their own investigative reporting and sharing their findings will millions online and let’s not forget about the plethora of news sites that exist today that didn’t 20 years ago. The point is, if you’re looking for the truth and you’re a little clever you can find it and that hasn’t often been the case in America. Once the only truth in America was what the country told you and what the compliant media decided was news fit for you to hear.

Managing and controlling the chattel has always been the prime directive of government. Governments main goal isn’t to serve you it is to ensure continuity of government making government the prime beneficiary of government. Sounds a bit screwed up but if you think about it for a minute it makes sense. The more control government has the less likely it can be altered or interfered with. Consequently its incentives are to lie to you as much as they can get away with so they can act to preserve continuity. And most of the time this works perfectly and the people do pretty much as they are told to do and believe pretty much what they are told to believe. That is until lately when the government and the mainstream media have lied so much that the people are no longer as obedient to their masters as they once were.

How would Americas last presidential election have turned out if, as in the past the only sources of information you had came from the MSM and the government? They can’t let this kind of thing ever happen again. Before you know it the people could actually be intelligently politically active and years and decades of planning and manipulation would go down the toilet. So now you’re seeing the push towards censorship by government, news and entertainment media, and every social media site on the net. This push is being promoted by the idea that normal everyday people can’t tell the difference between what is true and what is not true because why else would they have defied their overseers.

Don’t forget we’re deplorable.

It is time for the people to stand up once again as they did when they elected Mr. Trump as president. We must do our part if we wish to save this sacred fundamental inalienable right and not depend on someone else to carry freedoms banner. Not only must we combat the rising tide of censorship in America but we must also encourage our European neighbors to demand that the yoke of oppression be removed so they too can express their ideas without fear of incarceration. Facebook, Twitter, Google, MSM and your government representatives need to hear from you … every day if necessary …. that you will not tolerate having your right to free expression curbed in any way. These entities are all guilty as sin.

Because once a freedom is lost it is lost forever.




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