World War One: A Pack of Lies


How much do you think you know about World War One? Most people in fact know very little not just because it was 100 years ago but because modern people have the attention span of a fruit fly and The Great War has been largely overshadowed by the war that followed.

Before we get started let’s first take a look at a map of Europe before and after the 1st world war shall we?


As you can see there is a significant amount of change. Not also that on the map on the left in the upper right side you see a spot of land that is called “Prussia” even though it remained in German hands after the war. This is a very significant puzzle to the beginnings of the next world war as Germany was split with Poland dividing it. Austria clearly suffered the most geographically post WWI.

Part of the post war peace negotiations required Germany to accept full responsibility for WWI but this wasn’t even remotely true. At the time Europe, especially the area on the bottom right in the map above was in constant turmoil. Each of the major European countries were heavily involved in colonization (yup even in the 20th century) with each vying for as much world domination as it could get. If blame could be placed anywhere it would be on Australia but even that would have been a very simplistic way of looking at the war. Almost every country (yes including France and England) shared the blame for the big war.

Had Europe been left to deal with its own problems the war would have wrapped itself up nicely. Germany had crushed the Russians, the French were on the run, and the English weren’t going to last much loner and had to seriously consider an offer of peace from the German King which would have returned everything to prewar status which clearly would have been a very good deal for everyone concerned. But that isn’t how things worked out.

After the communist takeover in Russia during WWI by mostly Jews the Jewish bankers of Germany and other European countries approached the English with an offer any sane person would have refused. These Jewish bankers would finance England’s war effort and guarantee America entering the war ensuring England’s victory in exchange for Palestine which at that point the British were not in control of. This agreement was put into writing by something called the Balfour Declaration.


True to their word the United States entered that war under the flimsiest of circumstances. Around 150 Americans were killed while on a British Luxury Liner that was sailing through a war zone without an escort while illegally smuggling arms to England. That ship of course was the British ship Lusitania. The Lusitania was smuggling so much illegal arms to England that one torpedo caused the entire ship to explode. Hardly grounds to enter a regional war but the press which was mostly Jewish controlled was happy to hype it up to get the job done. The Jewish controlled American press actually reported that German soldiers were throwing babies into the air, catching them on their rifles bayonets, and then eating them. With no one to counter balance those claims to plebeians believed it hook line and sinker.

It should be noted at this point that no Allied forces ever crossed the German boarder during WWI.

World War One was a horrible chemical war that raged for years with no end in site. Now remember when the King of Germany was winning the war handily he had wanted peace and after several years of a war that was literally going nowhere he didn’t want peace any less. He grew tired of war and given that the Allies had a virtual unlimited amount of funding and bodies they could throw at the war effort the German King (though not losing the war) agreed to abdicate his throne for peace for the good of the German people. Quite a noble sacrifice indeed. But he made one small mistake.


Much of the blame for WWII has landed on the French and rightly so. Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941) abdicated the German throne in good faith but at the Treaty of Versailles the French took advantage of his abdication imposing cruel hardships on Germany and the German people. As a result hundreds of thousands of Germans died in the streets of starvation and exposure, Jewish bankers foreclosed on homes and farms, Berlin became the sin capital of the world, and parts of Germany were cut up and given away.

All because England wanted to win a war they were losing.





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