Angry Birds: The White Backlash


As anyone who watches television news will tell you, the post election narrative being pushed by the news networks is, that angry Whites elected Donald J. Trump. Of course this is just one more example of the joke of a mainstream news media that we have here in America. Did angry Whites put Obama in office? Because in the end as Whites are still the majority in America, you simply can’t get elected without them or more specifically White women who are the nations largest voting block. So the White women who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 became racist angry White birds in 4 years? If that statement were in fact true what does that say about the Obama regime and the direction the country has been taking since he no longer had to worry about reelection?

The thing is, in this case the news media is correct (even a broken clock is right twice a day) on November 8th we saw straight up angry White backlash as the moral MAJORITY had quite enough of progressive liberalism. Some of the kiddies might not remember American life in say 2007 but for those who do they know things have gotten much worse with a Muslim (if you honestly think he is a Christian you’re a special kind of stupid) in the White House.

White folks also hate being lied to. “You can keep your doctor,” woke up a lot of people who might have supported what they thought the Affordable Care Act was going to be but once it was enacted quickly realized that just about everything they had been told it was, was just some sales bullshit to get them to buy it. Like ordering a tee shirt and getting a hat. Sure they are both items of clothing but a hat isn’t gonna cover up your tits.

The other part of this new narrative is the contention that Whites are angry at a currently changing nation implying of course that they are racists for not welcoming the takeover of America by brown skinned people. Well they should be mad for several reasons. First whose bright idea was it to open our borders and our wallets to anyone who manages to limp across our borders? I doubt the White majority in America voted for that. And what is so wrong with White people that they need to be eradicated as the dominant factor in every country world wide even in the countries White people originated from? This is what we are seeing world wide even in London …. LONDON has a Muslim mayor whose ideas of freedom and liberty aren’t the same as the indigenous people.

And what about the White people who voted for Obama twice? Where is their “affordable” health care, where is the infrastructure they were promised, why are 90+ million people unable to find jobs? How in the hell did this guy get a Nobel Peace prize? Can anyone claim that the Obama regime didn’t drop the ball in Benghazi? Shouldn’t White people be mad about such things?

Yes White people were mad as hell and they weren’t going to take it anymore and why on earth should they? Whites weren’t alone in this anger either. Even Blacks had enough of the lies and bull shit that Blacks became a visible significant force in Trumps campaign. Asians, Hispanics, women, even some Muslims were angry enough to reject the progressive liberal direction the country had taken and roll the dice on Mr. Trump thinking anything…..ANYTHING would be better than 4-8 more years of the same.

So yes mainstream media, Whites were mad and they voted against Obama, Clinton and the entire progressive liberal narrative. And so weren’t and so didn’t a lot of other people too.



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