The Death Rattle of Progressive Liberalism


Since the days of Joseph Stalin the goal of communism has always been world domination. It isn’t enough that most of the world is communist or socialist, communists want it all and they always have. Let us not kid ourselves, socialism is the first step towards communism and the civilized world was teetering dangerously in that direction.

In 2008 the communists finally got their man in Barack Obama and just as important controlled both the House and the Senate. With that control the Obama regime and the Democrats pushed through The Affordable Care Act without any bipartisan support a clear leap towards the socialist abyss. And that was the beginning of not just the arrogance of the left, but a series of incredibly bad decisions by the left. Excluding the Republicans from the conversation guaranteed that if Republican ever regained power the program would be repealed. Stupid is as stupid does.

But the ACA wasn’t the only hard push to the left. The Democrats under Obama did everything they could to undermine America from the avalanche of regulations to the wasteful picking (with taxpayer monies0 of economic winners like Solyndra. These actions turned out to represent a consistent rate of failure by the left which was further emphasized by their foreign policies which also consistently failed miserably. In fact it would be hard to come up with any Democrat or Obama initiative that didn’t fail during the past 8 years.

And then there was the social direction towards debauchery promoted by the left. This ideology was also practiced in Berlin post WWI with disastrous results as progressives turned Berlin into Europes Sodom and Gomorrah. You might have thought that they would have learned from that experience that people do not want debauchery to be their nations norm but noooo. Along with this new age of perversions ushered in by the left they also spent 8 years dividing the nation in an attempt to conquer. Everyone became a victim and everyone else was at fault.

And then there are the questions of dirty dealing, corruption and fraud from the left.

The Democrats purposely lied to the American people about the ACA (Obamacare) because according to them it would never have gotten passed if the people knew what the truth was.


But the ACA isn’t the only example of corruption from the left. For 8 years the left has been redrawing state election districts to give themselves an unfair advantage. In 2008, 2012 and again in 2016 representatives from the left have been caught time and time again committing voter fraud. And of course the Project Veritas videos, Wikileaks email discoveries and Anonymous have exposed just how ugly and un-American the left really is. The promotion of illegal aliens and other non citizens to vote illegally is just the icing on the cake. The compliant and corrupt media exposed to the truth are the candles.

American voters aren’t going to forget any of this.

Unless the Trump administration completely fails 2020 is going to be a complete shut out. All the Republicans have to do is get behind their guy and push forward his objectives. If Trump even has a tiny bit of success there won’t be a Democrat elected as dog catcher in 2020 and the left knows it. The Democrat party is coming apart at the seams and how to they respond? By reelecting Nancy Pelosi as minority leader in the House. No change in direction (shocking I know).

The Democrat Party is dead they just haven’t figured it out yet. If they go more left they further alienate most of the country and if they move further right they lose the hippies, SJW’s and various other special snowflakes that have been more than eager to place rationality, morality and integrity to the wayside in a “whatever it takes” attempt to crush America for the well being of [place special interest here].

America can breath a sigh of relief for now as can the rest of the civilized world who appear to be taking the lead from the British and the Americans and are in the process of sending their own progressives packing because no matter where communism/socialism rears its ugly head epic failure is not far behind.





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